The Perfect Family Trip to Sukute Beach

Trip to Sukute Beach

This time my daughter has a winter vacation and I planned a trip to Sukute beach with my family. Before embarking on a journey to Sukute I did some research about the places to spend the night. I found a lot of offering packages from various hotels and resorts. After knowing the basic information about the lodging I want to see the place before so that I didn’t book the place. 

Sukute is one of the very popular destinations for Nepali travelers, especially during the weekend. Therefore there are many hotels, lodges, and resorts hosting places for adventure seekers. It is a place on the bank of the Sunkoshi River and it’s a kind of beach for Nepalese. And it’s on the way to the popular hot spring (Tatopani) at Barabise. 

The reason behind I chose to make a trip to Sukute Beach is my daughter wants to play sand on the beach, do a little hike, and do fishing. My main concern was that which place I can get all these activities. So that we drive to Sukute and try to find a place that offers those all activities. And luckily found one resort offering all those activities, and that is Sunkoshi Beach Resort. 

Activities can do at Sukute Beach 
Camping on Sunkoshi river beach 
Beach Volleyball and Football 
Yoga and meditation 

After checking in, we had lunch and took a rest for while and then got a fishing rod and fish food. Then we walk to the riverside for fishing, it gave me back my childhood memories back. I show that my daughter enjoyed it a lot to do fishing. We enjoyed fishing and it was around 2 hours then we back to the hotel for a hike. The hike was just a bit, it took just around 1 hour. 

In the evening time, they started a campfire, and all the different groups got their campfire. While the campfire going on you can order BBQ and whatever you like to drink. We also ordered Chicken BBQ and enjoyed BBQ with a warm fire on the bank of the Sunkoshi river. After the BBQ we went to the dining for dinner and it was delicious Dal Bhat. 

After dinner, everyone started to enjoy the DJ’s music and dance we also joined them for some time and then went to a tent to sleep. Unfortunately, we can not sleep well there because of the outside noise and people moving nearby us. And of course, it was the first time my daughter and spouse slept in a tent like this outside. 

The next day we woke up quite late because we haven’t slept well and in the morning time we all had good sleep. And we knew that breakfast will serve between 8 to 10. We woke up at 8:30 am and be ready for breakfast at 9 am. We had a very delicious breakfast before we back to Kathmandu. Overall we had an explended day and a super winter vacation for my daughter. 

Some FQAs before making a trip to Sukute Beach

Where is Sukute Beach located? 

Sukute Beach is located on the bank of the Sunkoshi river in a village called Sukute in the Sindhupalchok District of Nepal. It’s around 70 km far from Kathmandu and it will take around 2 to 3 hours to drive. 

How to get to Sukute Beach? 

To get to Sukute Beach to need to follow the Araniko Highway via Banepa, Dhulikhel, Panchkhal, and the famous Dolalghat. From Dolalghat need to follow the way to the popular Tatopani (hot spring) Barabesi via Khadichaur. 

If you are taking a private vehicle then follow the route and if you taking public transport then take a bus to Tatopani Barabise. Buses are leaving from Kathmandu and you can catch anywhere in Bhaktapur and Banepa. 

How much it does cost to spend an overnight?

There are many hotels and resorts offering the best packages. You can choose any of those resorts which are suitable for you and which offer the activities you want to do. The basic tent package starts at 1500 rupees per person to the deluxe room is around 3500 rupees per person.

What will include in the packages offered by Sukute Beach resorts?

Normally, all the resorts are offering the same kind of packages. They will provide, welcome drinks, Lunch, dinner (Veg or Non-Veg), Breakfast, and Accommodation in a tent or room.

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