The Spiritual Journey of the Pilot Baba Ashram Hike

Pilot baba ashram hike

Bhaktapur is famous as the city of historical and cultural land. Besides that, to do Pilot Baba Ashram Hike is an introduction to the natural beauty of the region. Because it’s a short hike near Bhaktapur Durbar Square, even you can continue the hike to Ghymbe Danda, Tarakeswor Mahadev, and Ranikot in different directions. And offers mindblowing vistas of Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur. 

There is a history behind why this place is, popular as the Pilot Baba. The person called Kapil Singh was a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force. In the 1992 war between India and Pakistan, he was the wing commander. During the fight, his plane lost contact with the base and was unable to land in the place where he must land. 

And all the other commanders on base had given up hope that Mr. Singh will be back. However, pilot baba was able to land the aircraft safely with the help of his spiritual guru. This was the turning point for him to become a spiritual person and spiritually devoted his life. Then he set up many ashrams in India, Japan, and Nepal, and this place is one of them. Getting into this Ashram will cost a little fee which they use for the maintenance of the area. 

Pilot Baba Ashram is a very peaceful place on the hilltop. The delicate surroundings and the magnificent glimpse of the Kathmandu Valley made Pilot Baba Hiking the perfect hiking route near Bhaktapur. The temple complex is well-designed and stone paved with a beautiful Shikhara Style Temple called Somnath Temple. This gorgeous temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. 

How to get Pilot Baba Ashram 

If you are staying in Kathmandu and want to do a hike to Pilot Baba Ashram then take a bus from Ratna Park to Suryabinayak Bhaktapur. Buses will go there every five minutes from Kathmandu. Then follow the road to Surya Binayak Temple to get into a little jungle. And if you want to go there by automobile there is a road to Ashram and further. 

The ascent to the Pilot Baba Ashram will take a maximum of 2 to 3 hours. Nonetheless, it will depend upon your walking ability and taking breaks between. And you can descend in the same way. Though this place is linked to the motor road, there are easily available places to eat and drink during the Pilot Baba Hiking. 

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