Dear lovely reader thank you very much for connecting with me and supporting me to grow in the blogging sector. Because of your love and support today I am able to write more than 100 blog posts and hope all these posts are helpful, informative, and entertaining to you all.

My motive to write a blog is to spend time doing something on this pandemic period because there are no trekkers in Nepal to do a trek in the mountains. As well as no tourists for touring in Nepal. With to improve my English, I think I am doing good on this motive. And after completing 100 posts on my website I got an idea to monetize my site and earn some money from there.

Your one kind click on the ad which pops on my website while reading my post will help me to earn some money. When I request you again for a click on an ad display on my website you may think that this man always asking for help. I am sure that is normal for everyone to come to that kind of thinking in their head and it’s our human nature.

I will explain what I will do with the money which I earn from writing a blog. First some portion I will use for mentinence of the Website and the rest I will provide to an orphanage in Kathmandu. In that orphanage, there are 14 kids, those 14 kids need your support for their better life. Better life means a good place to stay, a good school to learn, and good food to eat to stay a healthy lifestyle.

So your one click on the ad that pops on my website will indirectly support those adorable kids; who are living in that orphanage. Therefore, please support those lovely kids to grow and allow them to have a good life ahead.

Thank you very much

Raby Dong.