The Incredible Journey Through Dolpo Trek: Nepal’s Spectacular Trekking Route

Dolpo Trek

Dolpo is an isolated district of Nepal and is also called a place behind the mountains. It’s isolating and standing behind the Himalayas with beautiful nature and amazing culture and traditions. There are two divisions of the Dolpo, the Upper and lower Dolpo. Trekking to one of these places or a combination of these will call Dolpo Trek in Nepal. 

This untouched land by modern technology and information is a pure virgin place to explore for a lifetime memory. Doing Dolpa Trek will teach a traveler to understand the beauty of nature and the lifestyle of the Himalayan people. Exploring this territory will make you witness the capability of mother nature, how strong they are, and the need to respect them. 

Dolpo is located in the far western corner of the country and it’s very remote and undeveloped compared to other regions. Therefore the tourism infrastructure in this region is not good as other regions. Camping equipment and kitchen staff are essential to do Upper Dolpa Trek. Sometimes transportation might be the challenging part of the beautiful trek. 

The Dolpo is on the border with Tibet so here we can find a mixture of culture and tradition. Although it’s dominated by Tibetan Culture, hence travelers will feel more like Tibet in Dolpo. The remoteness and the vivid nature, culture, and traditions made Dolpo Trek one of the best treks in Nepal. 

Upper Dolpo 

Dolpo has two parts the Upper and Lower Dolpo, and both regions are very popular for voyaging. Upper Dolpo is one of the restricted areas of Nepal for trekking, therefore trekking here requires a special trekking permit. The dramatic landscapes as well as the arid territory are completely different from the Annapurna and Everest regions. 

Trekking through these amazing landscapes will take you to the customary villages, and those villages are occupied by various ethnic groups. Who has their own tradition, culture, and beliefs, however, the hospitality of the local for tourist is remarkable. The differing nature and phenomenon culture will make the Dolpo Trek simply mesmerizing.   

One of the well-known lakes in Nepal’s Himalayas the Shey Phokundo Lake also lies in the Upper Dolpo. Also, this lake is the deepest lake in the high elevation in the world. Upper Dolpo is popular for its variety of flora and fauna, medical herbs, and many more. 

Lower Dolpo

Lower Dolpo is the lower region of the Dolpo district and to do Dolpo Trek need to pass through this part. The lower region is still remote and villages are very unique and people are very friendly. Walking through the dense forest of the Oka and Pine will offer the splendid scenery of the surroundings. 

Very ancient monasteries and the typical settlements and there are some high passes too. Those high trekking passes are above 5000 meters, the major one is Bagala Pass with an elevation of 5169m. Therefore the lower Dolpo is one of the most demanding treks in Nepal. However, to have the successful completion of this trek will require good physical condition. 

The lower Dolpo Trek is once a lifetime trekking experience. Because it will give you the perfect glimpse of the world-class trekking experience. And the real local test of the real Himalayan region. 

Highlights of the Dolpo Trek

One of the best camping trek experiences in Nepal. 

5000m High passes offer magical mountain and landscape views. 

Opportunity to explore the spellbinding Phoksundo Lake 

Observe the holy Buddhist monasteries and feel the Bon Buddhism in the Himalayas of Nepal. 

Witness the diverse flora and fauna inside the Shey Phoksundo Nationa Park. 

Visit the untouched land, meet the local people and feel the local culture and tradition. 

Experience the month-long trekking in Nepal’s Himalayas. 

Enjoy a glimpse of Mt. Dhaulagiri and Crystal Mountain (Also popular as the younger brother of the holy Mt. Kailash)

The most common Upper Dolpo Trek Itinerary 

DaysTrekking areas
Day 1Fly to Nepalgunj one hours flight 
Day 2Fly to Jufal and then Trek to Dunai(2160m) 45minute flight and a 3 to 4 hours trek 
Day 3Trek from Dunai to Chhekpa(2650m) 6 to 7 hours 
Day 4Chhekpa to Jharana Hotel (3170m) 6 to 7 hours trek 
Day 5Jharana Hotel to Phoksundo Lake (3650m) 4 to 5 hours trek 
Day 6Explore the Shy Phoksundo Lake 
Day 7Phoksundo Lake to River Bed Camp (3665m) 6 to 7 hours walk 
Day 8River Bed Camp to Nando La High Camp 4125m 6 to y hours 
Day 9High Camp to Shey Gompa (4400m)via Kang La Pass (5360m) 6 to 7 hours trek. 
Day 10Acclimatize Day 
Day 11Shey Gumba to Numagung(4200m) via Shey La Pass (5000m) 6 to 7 hours walk
Day 12Trekking to Saldang (3975m) from Numagung 3 to 4 hours walk
Day 13Saldang to Yangtser Gompa (4400m) trek 5 to 6 hours
Day 14Yangster Gompa( Luri Gaun to Rapa Gaun (4250m) 5 to 6 hours trek 
Day 15Rapa Gaun to Jeng La Phedi (4370m) 5 to 6 hours trek 
Day 16Jeng La to Takyo (4200m)via Jeng La Pass (5170m) 6 to 7 hours trek 
Day 17Takyo to Dho Tarap (3910m) trek around 3 to 4 hours 
Day 18Rest and Explore the Tarap Valley 
Day 19Dho Tarap to Serkam (2600m) trek 6 to 7 hours 
Day 20Serkam to Shahar Tara (2175m) trek 7 to 8 hours
Day 21Sahar Tara to Dunai (2160m) trek 5 to 6 houra 
Day 22Dunai yo Jufal (2775m) 3 to 4 hours trek 
Day 23 Flight to Nepalgunj and Kathmandu

To enter Dolpo there are many different routes such as the route from Beni, Jomsom, Rara and Juful. The most common one is from Kathmandu to Nepalgunje and then flying to Jufal and starting the trek. So that, you can choose any itinerary as your time and dare to adventure in the Himalayas. 

Trekking permits and documents 

Dolpo Restricted Area Permit: This permit is required to enter the Dolpo region and can only issue through government-registered trekking agencies. The cost of the permit varies depending on the length of your trek. A minimum of 2 people is mandatory to obtain this permit. And there will be two permits Upper and Lower Dolpo Permit. Upper Dolpo Trek Permit will cost 500 USD for 10 days for one person and the lower Dolpo Trekking Permit will cost USD 20 per person for a week. 

Shey-Phoksundo National Park Permit: This permit is required to enter Shey-Phoksundo National Park, which is one of the most beautiful parts of the Dolpo region. For foreign tourists, it will cost Rs, 3000, and for SAARC Nationals Rs. 1500.

Valid Passport: All trekkers who are doing Dolpo Trek must carry a valid passport to enter the Dolpo region.

Travel Insurance: It is mandatory for all trekkers to have travel insurance that covers emergency evacuation and medical expenses.

How to get Dolpo 

Dolpo is located in the western part of Nepal, it is one of the remote areas of Nepal, there for traveling there is quite difficult than in other parts of Nepal. To follow the common route of the Dolpo Trek first need to get to Nepalgunj. There are two options to go to Nepalgunj by plane and by bus. 

Then need to fly to Jufal airport from Nepalgunj. Jufal Airport is the only airport in the Dolpo district. It is a very small airport in the Mountain region of Nepal. Because there is no direct flight or bus from Kathmandu or Pokhara. Sometimes the flight to Jufal can delay or postpone because of the bad weather condition. 

Best Time to do Dolpo Trek

The suitable time to do trekking in Nepal is between March to May and September to November. However, there are some trekking routes that can do during the summer (May, June, July) season as well. Those treks are Upper Mustang Trek and Dolpo Trek. Therefore you can do Dolpo trekking anytime between these months. 

Starting of the spring season and ending of the autumn season might be a bit tough because of the snow. And traveling during the summer season might be a bit challenging to get Dolpo. 

Food and Accommodation

Food and Accommodation in the Dolpo region are not like in Annapurna and Everest regions. Although in the lower part, there are available basic accommodation and local food. But in the Upper Dolpo region, there are no good accommodations and food choices available. So that camping is the most necessary part to do during the Upper Dolpo Trek. So you must carry camping equipment and have a good cook as well.

What Kind of Trekking equipment you should bring for Dolpo Trek? 

Dolpo Trek is a complete camping trek. Hence the first necessary equipment is camping gear. Usually, these things will provide by the trekking organizers in Nepal. Except that you have to bring other trekking gear like other trekking in Nepal. 


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