Discovering the Beauty of the Wild Dolpo Region: Reasons to do Dolpo Trek

Reasons to do Dolpo Trek

Are you dreaming of a wild trek in Nepal? No road, no jeeps, bikes, only a path for walking, then Upper Dolpo Trek is the best choice for you. Wilderness and remoteness are one validity behind that there are many reasons to do Dolpo Trek once in a lifetime. The experiences from Dolpo Trekking are very unique and differ from other regions’ treks and tours

Walking through the high Himalayan passes will bring up the beauty and power of nature. As well as give you an opportunity to understand, feel, and observe the lifestyle of the Mountain people. Nowadays people are very busy with their life to do this and that and time is exceptionally important to do anything. Exploring the Dolpo region is worth spending that precious and incalculable time of your vibrant life.

This captivating region was forbidden for foreign trekkers until 1989 AD, since then still this part is untouched, and discovered. After opening for all the trekkers each year very few trekkers will trek between this Tibetan Plateau and Dhaulagiri Massif. Nonetheless, the Dolpo region is still a virgin land compared to Everest, Annapurna, and Langtang regions.

This blog here is giving you the 5 best reasons why you should do Dolpo Trek for a once-a-lifetime holiday experience.

Diverse Biodiversity

Reasons to do Dolpo Trekking

The Dolpo is the biggest district of Nepal and also the biggest National Park of Nepal is also in this region. So here we can find greenery to dry landscapes can witness while doing the Dolpo trek. The popular herb Yarsagumba (Cordyceps)- Himalayan Gold is the main income source of the people of this region.

As it’s a part of this Shey Phoksundo National Park various types of animals can sight during your trip to Dolpo. If you are abundantly lucky you might see the snow leopard also called The Himalayan Cat. And to be honest you will meet more Blue sheep than humans while doing Dolpo Trekking. So observing Biodiversity is one of the reasons to do Dolpo Trek.


Reasons to do Dolpo Trek

Dolpo is one of the remotest areas in Nepal, still in the Upper part of Dolpo is out of modern technology and information. Very few villages where you can get a mobile network to communicate and use the internet during the Upper Dolpo Trek are just a dream.

With its remote location and limited infrastructure, Dolpo Trek offers a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy the great solitude in the great outdoors.

Scenic Beauty

Reasons to do Dolpo Trek

Dolpo is home to some of the most dramatic landscapes in Nepal, including high passes, snowy peaks, and crystal-clear lakes. High Trekking Passes such as Nangdalo La pass (5,350 m), Sela (Gelu) La (5,094m), Mo La Pass ( 5,027m), Jungben La (5,550m) are just beyond your imagination. The world-class mountain views such as Mt. Dhauligiri, Mt. Annapurna, and many more. And gorgeous lakes such as Rara and Shey Phoksundo Lakes can combine with your trip to Dolpo.

Culture and tradition 

Dolpo is inhabited by the semi-nomadic Tibetan-speaking Dolpaly community, who have their own unique and ancient culture and way of life. They believe in and follow the Bon religion, which is a very different type of Buddhism in the Himalayas of Nepal.

Dolpo is also one of the spiritual destinations, with many ancient Buddhist monasteries, various types of Buddhist stupas, and many holy sites scattered throughout the region.

Rare wildlife

Dolpo is famous for its rare and endangered wildlife species, including the Himalayan blue sheep, Himalayan tahr, and snow leopard. These species, along with other wildlife such as various types of birds and insects. That makes the Dolpo region an idiosyncratic and special destination for wildlife and nature lovers.


Reasons to do Dolpo Trek

The Dolpo Trek is a challenging journey to the Himalayas of Nepal. This trek requires perfect physical condition and determination, making it an ideal adventure for those seeking a sense of doing a camping trek. Those high passes, no other human than trekkers and support staff for a long time. No internet, No Phone call, just chill in the wild are the synonyms of the Dolpo Trek. That is why living the adventurous life from the modern life for some time is one of the other reasons to do Dolpo Trek.


Dolpo is located in the western part of Nepal, with its own natural and cultural phenomena. Trekking through this remote region allows you to experience the real sense of camping trekking and happiness from the inner soul. The Dolpo is on the border of Tibet; so that the lifestyle and culture are a bit imitated of Tibet so you will feel and experience Tibet in Nepal.

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