The number of Tourists visiting Nepal Increased

Tourist Visiting Nepal Increased

The number of tourists visiting Nepal increased by a huge number compared to May 2019. The tourism industry was badly affected by Coronavirus for the last two years. This number is a positive single for the tourism industry and people who are working in this sector. These numbers count only those tourists traveling by air via Tribhuvan International Airport.

As the recorded number in the Nepal Immigration office, in May 2022 total of 53608 entered Nepal. In May 2021 only 1468 tourists visited Nepal. The growth rate of tourists arriving in May 2022 is 74.3 percent more than in previous years.

Indian tourists are the first on the list and the total number of Indian tourists visited in May is 26662. Tourists from the United States who traveled to Nepal in May were 7274 and this is the second-highest number of travelers. These increasing numbers are very sensational for the tourism employees in Nepal.

Most of these tourists are visiting Nepal for mountain adventures such as trekking, hiking, touring, and climbing. Even some tourists are traveling in for eco-tourism, volunteering tourism, and some other personal purposes too. The first five months of 2022 had been very good a total of 190739 tourists visiting Nepal. The highest number of tourists visiting Nepal was the April the total number was 58348.

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