Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley Trek

Walk inside the Langtang National Park to explore the nature and culture of the region is known as the Langtang Valley Trek. The differentness of the Tamang community and their authentic culture is the main reason for the excursion to Langtang. Langtang stands as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites which means this is the must trek trekking trail in Nepal.

Pass the little settlement, walk on the dense forest, and cross by the wild rivers and animals. To reach the everyday destination. While climbing up to the upper area the necked lands will welcome you and altitude makes you want to rest. But the vistas of the surrounding will push you to get to the destination.

Myths say that a Buddhist monk followed his lost Yak, in that direction and found the valley. And Langtang’s name came after that. Lang means Yak and Tang means to follow in the local language. 

Langtang Village was completely swept by an earthquake in 2015 and killed more than 300 people including some foreign trekkers. And the whole Langtang area was badly affected by an earthquake in 2015. After the earthquake many people are homeless and family less.

Tourism is the only way of income for the people of Langtang. However, an earthquake and coronavirus pandemic stopped to go trekkers on that trail. And people are unable to emerge from that demonstrative earthquake. Your one trek to Langtang is direct support to those locals who had survived that perilous natural disaster.

Best Langtang Valley Trek Itinerary

Day 1 Drive to Syaprubesi
Day 2 Syaprubesi to Lama Hotel
Day 3 Lama Hotel to Langtang Valley
Day 4 Langtang to Kyangin Gumba
Day 5 Explore Kyaingin Gumba
Day 6 Kyangin Gumba to Lama Hotel
Day 7 Lama Hotel to Syaprubesi
Day 8 Drive back to Kathmandu

Langtang region offers varieties of the trekking route. In this route, you can add more days on the other side. Such as Tamang Heritage Trail Trek, Gosainkunda Trek, and even you can continue to Helambu Trek. The only matter is your holiday duration and budget.

When to do Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang is always open for trekkers, all year and all seasons. Hence, you can trek anytime. However, Spring and Autumn are the best time to make a journey to Langtang Valley. In Nepal spring starts in March and ends in May and autumn starts in September and ends in November. Between these months any time, you can travel there.

Winter starts in December and stays till February. This period also offers the best scenery in the region. But frozen water, snowy trail, and chilly weather made you very cold during morning and evening.

Summer begins in June and says bye in August. Summer is the rainy season in Nepal so walking into the rain is not that fun. The vistas of the surrounding are not attractive. And very fun and irritating part is the leech (bloodsuckers) will attract along the way.

How to get there.

Every day buses and jeep are going to Dhunche, Syaprubesi, and Kerung. You need to buy a ticket and make a 5 to 6 hours journey to Dhunche or Syaprubesi. Bus and jeep will leave from Machhapokharai Kathmandu.

And if you travel by private vehicle take a route to Thankot or Kakani. Both highways will take you to Makawanpur and then Rasuwa. This Kathmandu Kerung highway is the shorter route to Tibet China.

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