Showcasing the beauty and color of Tamu Losar

Tamu Losar is the new year of the Gurung community. This festival celebrates today’s 15-push Nepali calendar and the final or last month of the English calendar. Also, Losar celebrates in some parts of India and Nepali living places around the world. Tamu Losar is the identity of the Gurung communities.

This is one of the mega-events for the Gurung people so they all dressed up in their traditional outfits. Get together with the family and relatives and enjoy the delicious cuisine. Share their goodness, badness, and everything in their life. More importantly, younger people get blessings from the aged people.

This year government grand the public holiday on the occasion of Tamu Losar. In Kathmandu Gurung, people celebrate this festival in different places. However, the majority of the people they get together in Tudikhel. Tudikhel is an open public place where thousands of people can get together at one time.

Nepal is the home of multi-caste, multi-religion, and multi-tradition. So that, here everyone celebrates their own cultural and traditional beliefs. In the Gurung community, Tamu Lasar celebrates for a week. Because it embarks on the Gurung New Year.

Tamu Community follows their years as this and each new year will start according to those animals.

तमु जातिका १२ वर्ग

Nepali LanguageTamu LanguageEnglish Language
मुसा वर्ग च्यु–ल्हो)(Rat)
गाई वर्गल्वोँ–ल्हो)(Cow)
बाघ वर्गतो–ल्होTiger)
बिरालो वर्गहि–ल्हो(Cat)
गिद्द वर्गमुप्री–ल्हो(Eagle)
सर्प वर्गसप्री–ल्होSnake
घोडा वर्गत–ल्हो(Horse)
भेंडा वर्गल्हु–ल्हो(Sheep)
बाँदर वर्गप्र–ल्हो(Moneky)
चरा वर्गच्हया–ल्हो(Bird)
कुकुर वर्गखि–ल्हो(Dog)
मृग वर्गफो–ल्हो((Deer)

These are the some glimpse of the Tamu Losar Celebration 2023

Tamu Losar 2024
Tamu Losar Celebration 2023
Losar Celebration 2023
Tamu Lhosar 2023

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