A glimpse into the lives of Tamu Lhosar celebrants at Tudikhel

Tamu Lhosar

Today Gurung community celebrated the Tamu Lhosar in Tudikhel Kathmandu. There were thousands of people getting together and enjoying the festival. Each year the Gurung People will celebrate this festival with love and joy. Lho means year and Sar means new in Gurung Language, so Lhosar is the new year of the Gurung community.  So that Gurung people are in Tudikhel to celebrate their new year.

There were a lot of food stalls, where they sold different types of Gurung and Nepali cuisine. Even small businesses like Ice cream sellers to Pani Puri and Chatpate sellers are there. And families who brought food from their homes to eat together with their loved ones in the open area of Tudikhel.

Everyone was enjoying the Tamu Lhosar in Tudikhel today. Young people are making TickTok in their traditional costumes. TikTok is one of the most popular social sites in Nepal among young people. Other adults are enjoying their own style and wishes. Especially the very young stars are enjoying this festival because they are free from their home and parents to celebrate today.

Besides eating, dancing, and enjoying, there are some other activities that also happened; such as folk song-singing competitions and other game competitions. Popular people from the Gurung community also joined there to perform songs, dances, and speeches. The political party leaders were also there to witness the Tamu Lhosar celebration at Tudikhel.

As I Tamang People I do celebrates my own Lhosar called Sonam Lhosar. And I found many ways Tamu Lhosar and Sonam Lhosar are similar to each other. Because the costumes and ornaments are a bit similar, the food was also similar and I did understand some language too.

While wandering around Tudikhel I also enjoyed the atmosphere of the Tamu Lhosar and I took some beautiful Photos. People in the Gurung Costumes look so gorgeous. The ornaments they are wearing add extra beauty to them.

Thuli Raat

Today 15th Push is the Nepali colander and the 30th of December is the English calendar. Today Gurung people will celebrate Tamu Lhosar but the people from Gandaki Provence and Far Western Provence celebrate as the Thuli Raat. It’s believed that today’s night is the longest night of the year. That is why people will stay awake the whole night by eating delicious food, singing, and dancing. This tradition stands very old and still going on and on. However, the tradition is becoming more fashionable as people celebrate in their own style. 

Tamu Lhosar
A beautiful girl with a traditional outfit and ornament
Tamu Lhosar
Little Gurung girl enjoying the festival at Tudikhel
Tamu Lhosar
Time to eat                       
Tamu Losar
A man and woman with traditional dress
Lhosar celebration Tamu
Trying to take a good Tiktok video                       

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