Suryachaur Hiking

Suryachaur Hiking

Suryachaur is the best viewpoint of the Langtang Himalayan range as well as other snowy peaks like Manaslu and Dorje Lakpa. The suryachaur hiking route is inside the Shivapuri National Park and is one of the nearest hiking trails in Kathmandu. Hiking to Suryachaur is not only about the natural views it will offer the cultural beauty of the local communities. This hike is best for those who want to have a hiking experience while staying in Kathmandu Valley. 

Normally, such hiking trails are full of people during the weekend. Because people in cities like Kathmandu work 6 days a week and need a good break so that nature lovers will hike in different hiking routes. Such as Shivapuri Hiking, Champa Devi Hiking, Chandragiri Hiking, Phulchoki Hiking, Tarebhir Hiking, and Nagarkot Hiking. Along with these hiking routes nowadays people are hiking to Suryachaur as well. 

The tremendous mountain glimpse from Suryachaur will rejuvenate the working energy. Also, the peaceful nature, jungle and wild plants, and wildlife during the hike to Suryachaur are beyond the imagination. The dramatic landscape view of the surrounding region is very magnificent. As everyone knows that hiking is the best remedy for stress and anxiety nowadays people like to hike into nature. 

The panoramic vistas of the snowy peaks such as the world’s seventh-highest peak Mt. Manalsu, Mt. Ganesh Himal, Mt. Langtang Lirung, Mt. Dorje Lakpa, Gauri Sankar, and many more mountains peaks. As Suryachaur Hiking is a day hike it’s not a very difficult hiking route in Kathmandu Valley. Although you need to have a good interest in walking. There are different hiking routes to get to Suryachaur and the most common one is from Gurju Bhanjyang to Suryachaur. 

Kakani to Suryachaur Day Hike Route 

Drive from Kathmandu to Kakani at approximately 1:30 hours. Hiking from Kakani to Suryachaur around 3 hours depending on the walking ability. Need to follow the road of  Machha Pokhari and Balalju before reaching the Kakani. While driving to Kakani need to cross several villages and an army check post and can enjoy the great view of the terraced farmland and landscapes. Depending on which season you are traveling, along the way can witness the seasonal vegetables and fruits. 

Kakani itself is beautiful and the most popular picnic destination from Kathmandu. And there is a memorial park, which is nice to visit and the stunning mountain and landscapes view from there are also worthful. To go to Suryachaur from Kakani there are two paths and the lower one is the best. It will take around 3 hours to reach Suryachaur and from Suryachaur we can have super cool views of the Himalayas. 

Suryachaur hiking via Gurju Bhanjyang

From Kathmandu to Gurju Bhanjyang it will take around one and a half hours in a vehicle. And from Bhanjyang to Suryachaur will take around one and a half hours again. The walking track is quite easy and the magnificent view of the Langtang Himalayas range will add extra beauty to this walk. We need to purchase the national park permit to go to Suryachaur and there will be some army checkpoints. 

If you are an adventure lover and want to hike more time then you can start in either Kakani or Bhanjyang and end in one of these places. However, it will be a very long hike and will take quite a long time. Suryachaur is the best spot for a picnic like Kakani so that you can combine your hike and picnic at the same time.  

Note for before start the hike

Suryachaur Hiking is a beautiful hike but while walking into the jungle we have to be aware of many things. We must travel with friends or groups and take enough drinking water. And better to take some energy bars and some dried fruits and snacks. At the Suryachaur there are some places to have lunch. Suryachaur is not the only destination for hiking, there are possible other activities as well. Such as Paragliding, Birdwatching,  Horse riding, and many more. 

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