Tarebhir Hike | The perfect family hiking trail in Kathmandu

Tarebhir Hike

Kathmandu is a bustling and hustling city and one of the most crowded cities in Nepal. For hiking lovers, there are many day hiking trails such as Shivapuri Hike, Phulchoki Hike, Champadevi Hike, Chandragiri Hike, etc. Similarly, there is another beautiful day hiking destination that is popular as the Tarebhir hike. This is suitable for those who want to explore nature and not the extreme hiking experience.

Tarebhir Hike is a half-day hike and can be extended for a longer period too, although the best one is the half-day hike. Tarebhir is located at the Gokarneswore – the north side of Kathmandu Valley and on the bank of the Shivapuri Nagarjuna National Park. That is why this hiking trail is permitted free hiking trail in Kathmandu. And I recommend all the people from Kathmandu to try this hike once a week or month.

As a trekking guide, I don’t like staying without walking in one place so that, so this time I chose to do a short hike to Tarebhir. Usually, I prefer to travel with my family, especially to Kathmandu but this time I travel solo. Because I don’t know the way and first I want to explore myself. And I made a promise to my daughter that one day we will go together to make this hike.

How to get Tarebhir?

Tarebhir Hike

First I walked to Ratna Park and take a public bus to Bouddha. Because I have to do a little task at the Bouddha before embarking on this journey. However, there can be direct transportation available from the new bus park in Gangabu. After completing my task in Bouddha I took a microbus to Jagdole Gokarneswore. Then follow the well-paved trail to the picnic spot. And slowly move to the way of Tarebhir.

For you, if you are traveling by private vehicle then follow the route Chabahil, Buddha, and then Jagdole. There is a huge welcome get at the Jagdole and park your vehicle somewhere and start the Tarebhir Hike. Even you can drive all the way to Khatri Chowk and then hike straight up to Tarebhir. From Khatri Chowk is the shortcut way and even you can walk on the dirt road. 

To go to Khatri Chowk you can drive the road to Budhanilkhanta Temple. Following the way to Narayan Gopal Chowk, Bansbari, and then Chapali. When reaching Chapali Chowk, take the opposite side’s road of the Dhurbatara Boarding School and constantly walk to Paudel Chowk and then Khatri Chowk. At Khatri Chowk, there is a restaurant called Tarebhir Base Camp to turn left from here and follow the dirt road. 

What to bring with you?

Day hike in Kathmandu Tarebhir
My daughter loves to hike into nature and we are enjoying the Tarebhir hike

This is very easy and nearby to Kathmandu, therefore, no need to take many things. The most needed thing is drinking water, some snacks, and an umbrella or raincoat (if you are going there during monsoon season. As I did, I just carry a light day bag and three Snickers chocolate, one half-liter coke, and one mineral water.

As this is a half-day hike net necessary to carry many things but I suggest carrying some toilet paper, a basic first aid kit, and a camera. Unfortunately, when I was there my phone was dead and I am not able to take any photos. So that I promised myself next time I will take the camera as well in case my phone doesn’t work.

My request is that when you hike to Tarebhir and take food and water with you. After eating food and drinking water please take back the thrash with you or put it in a proper place. Because don’t make dirty and pollution this beautiful hiking trail. Save nature for the upcoming generations as well.

Why Tarabhir Hike is very popular?

Hike to Tarebhir
The magnificent view of the Kathmandu valley

The magnificent views of Kathmandu Valley, walk into the pine forest and open picnic spot. On the other hand, there are some places to eat and no need to worry and carry food with you. Also, this hike can combine with other hiking routes if you have a longer time to explore beautiful Nature. This is one of the best spots for overnight camping nearby Kathmandu.

The best part is this is a family hiking trail, which means the whole family can go together. While I was hiking there I show many families hiking there because it is an easy hiking route. Normally, the hiking routes in Kathmandu need to buy an entry permit but Tarebhir Hike is unrestricted. Like this many justifications that make this is a good hiking place in Kathmandu.

With who do you go for Tarebhir Hike?

Tarebhir Hike

As this hike is categorized as an easy hiking route, the best companion will be the family. Take your kids with you when you go there, I have a plan to take my family there one day; because in my family everyone loves to hike. Except for family, you can hike together with your friends, colleagues, and office staff too.

Traveling with someone or with a group is always the best fun by sharing and caring for each other. So make a plan to hike Tarebhir with family or friends.

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