The top things to do in Chitwan

Things to do in Chitwan

Chitwan is the most popular jungle safari tourist destination in Nepal. Each year thousands of national and international visitors visit Chitwan. They visit there for different tourist activities because there are many things to do in Chitwan. Normally people will travel there for 1 night 2 days and 2 nights 3 days. Among these two different types of trips to Sauraha, the 2 nights 3 days trip is the best one.

Chitwan means the heart of the jungle – Chit means heart and wan means jungle. Indeed this amazing land is the heart of the Nepal and heart of the forest in Nepal. This massive jungle is very famous for jungle safari and jungle safari is one of the best activities to do in Chitwan. In Chitwan, there are two types of Jungle safari available; the first one is the elephant back safari and the second is the jeep safari.

A long time ago this area used to be a hunting resort for the royal family members and the international hunters. Especially for that international hunter-lover who is connected with the Nepali ruler such as the British royal family members. When Chitwan is getting famous for this tourist activity then, luckily then it was converted into a National Park. Nowadays this place is known as the Chitwan National Park.

This is not only the National Park, it’s one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Nepal. That is why this is a protected area and home to the various types of flora and fauna. Here in Chitwan can find 540 species of birds; therefore birdwatching activity is one of the best things to do in Chitwan. Also, this national park is very well known for one horn rhino, the Royal Bengal tiger, and various leopards.

Different types of activities to do in Chitwan.

One horn Rhino
The endanger, One-horn Rhino in Chitwan

Jungle safari

Jungle safari is one of the main tourist attractions of Chitwan National Park. As already mentioned there are two types of safari possible to do in Chitwan. Jungle safari is not only the main tourist activity in Chitwan. Even in Nepal, the Bardiya National Park also offers the same activity. And safari is very popular in African nations too.

Elephant back safari and jeep safari, these both types of safari that have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage and disadvantages of elephant back safari are going very deep into the jungle and seeing things inside the wilderness. And it can be very dangerous because wild animals can attack, and sometimes elephants can be very dangerous. Although, there will be professional nature guides and they will help you.

Jeep Safari is fun and easy to do. Unfortunately, the jeep can not go everywhere inside the Jungle because it has to drive on a proper road. The noise from the jeep can become harmful to the wild animals and they can hide. It means there are fewer chances to see wildlife inside the national park. However, it’s a safe way to explore the jungle. So that safari is the perfect way to explore the jungle and it’s one of the first things to do in Chitwan.

Cannon ride to Rapti River

Cannon ride to Rapti river is another one of the best things to do in Chitwan. The ride will be around an hour and that depends on how long you want to hire the boat. It’s a fun activity and most visitors do it in Chitwan. While riding a boat, you will enjoy the beautiful nature and sights the wild animals, water animals, and birds.

The best way to do a Boat ride on the Rapti river is to organize with other people from the hotel. And most of the hotels in Chitwan organize such trips for the visitors. So don’t miss it when you are visiting Chitwan.

Tharu Culture Show

The Tharus are the indigenous group from Chitwan and they have their unique culture and traditions. Witnessing the Tharu Culture and tradition is one of the main things to do in Chitwan while you are in Chitwan. Every evening there will be shows going on at the Show hall in Chitwan. They will show various dance forms and invites the observers also to join them.

Performances like stick dance, peacock dance, and other traditional dances are the main attraction of the Tharu Culture Show. At the end of the performance, you can give some tips to the performers.

Elephant bathing

Elephant Bathing

Elephant bathing is another activity you can do while you are in Chitwan. But I think it’s not that good to do because there can be germs in elephants and you may get sick. Somehow, the local people are always enjoying this activity on the bank of the Rapti River. To bathe, you need to pay some money to the man with the elephants. This will be once a day at the mid-day while the sun is very hot and people need to cool down.

Jungle walk / Jungle Hike

The jungle walk is sound very interesting and fun to do while walking in the jungle, there are chances to encounter the wild animals. Various types of birds and even different kinds of trees. The walk is always a good thing to do because it’s a very healthful activity. But it can be very dangerous too because walking into the Jungle there might be wild animals and they might attack us. So that we have to be aware of each step we move inside the forest.

Rent a bicycle and explore Sauraha.

Riding a bicycle is always fun and open travel transportation to us. Exploring Chitwan on a bike is something different you can do. On a bicycle, you can visit Bis Hajar Taal (Twenty thousand lakes) on the bank of the Rapti River. It takes around 30 minutes to reach there and I suggest doing this early in the morning.

It’s believed that this Bis Hajar Taal will clean by birds. While riding the bike you will cross the local villages, temples, farmlands, and many things. Therefore this is absolutely one of the best things to do in Chitwan.

Observe the Elephant Polo

Well, we know that elephant safari is done by an elephant back ride. Even in Chitwan, there will be a big annual event that celebrates during December called Elephant Polo. Elephant polo is an elephant football game that is completely different and very fun to enjoy.

How to get to Chitwan?

To go to Chitwan for a tour, and thinking about how to go there? The best option is to take a flight to Bharatpur and take a cab to Shauraha. The second option is to take a tourist bus that will stop in Shauraha. If you want to travel by private vehicle then take a route to Muglin and then Narayanghat. From Narayanghat, follow the road to Shauraha.

Also, public transportation is available to go there. Take a public bus or Microbus to Narayanghat, from where you are traveling to there. And from Narayanghat again take a public vehicle to Shauraha.

When to visit Chitwan.

The best season to visit Chitwan is from March to October. During this season the weather will be very clear and the temperature will be around 25 degrees Celsius. But if you are planning to see the wild animals then January to March is the best time. Because during this time the grass even in the Jungle will be lower and visibility can be a long distance.

On the other hand, the worst time to visit here is during the Monsoon season. During this time there will be a lot of grass and unable to make even a jeep safari too. And during monsoon time there will be a lot of leeches and they are very discosting and irritating. Sometimes it can be very hazardous to get the problem in our skin.

Accommodation in Chitwan

Chitwan is a well-developed city, where you can find numerous types of accommodation facilities. A backpacker hotel to the luxurious hotels and family-run homestay to expensive resorts. It all depends on what is your requirements for spending a night. Most of the hotels have swimming pools, attached toilets, and good-quality beds.

The good point is that nowadays there are organized package trips available. When we purchased a package trip with any agency, in that package everything will be included. Like transport, food, hotel, and other activities which we do in Chitwan.

In a nutshell – Things to do in Chitwan

Overall, This is flat land and has no huge mountains and hills. It’s a kingdom of Jungle and an empire of wild animals, birds, and various plants. When you travel there you can do several adventure activities such as; Jungle safari, Cannoning, elephant ride, elephant bath, cycling, observing the Tharu Cultural Show, and many more. So that it is a full package to have two nights three days excursion.

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