Nepal is planning to relocate Everest Base Camp

Nepal is planning to relocate Everest Base Camp

Due to increasing the melting of the Khumbu Glacier the government of Nepal is planning to relocate Everest Base Camp. The tourism authority said that that wants to locate Base Camp around 5000m elevation; somewhere between recent base camp and Gorekshep. Because of global warming and climate change snow in the mountain are melting very rapidly.

The Everest region has been always a hazard because of a lot of snow and high mountains. Since the massive earthquake in 2015, there has been regularly breaking snow and converted into a deadly avalanche. Because of the avalanche each year many people are dying in the mountain region of Nepal. For this reason, tourism authorities are planning to relocate Everest Base Camp.

Nepal is planning to relocate Everest Base Camp till 2024 AD. There are various reasons why they should change Everest Base Camp, the first one is global warming, the second is climate change, and the third reason is lots of human movement at the Khumbu Glacier. People are going there for Everest Base Camp Trek and expeditions of Everest, Lothse, Nuptse, and many more.

All the tourism stakeholders and environmentalists are giving pressure on the government to change the Everest Base Camp. The current Base camp is at the elevation of 5363m above sea level on the Khumbu Glacier. And the current Everest Base Camp is located in this place for the last 70 years. During these years the Khumbu Glacier is very quickly. 

Everest Base Camp is one of the most popular trekking trails in Nepal; each year thousands of trekkers put their footprints at the Base Camp. Similarly, several mountain climbers will be there to climb Mt. Everest and other peaks. And the climbers are the main reason that they make the base camp very dirty and damage its originality of it.

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