A magical day to pass the Larke Pass 5106M

Larke Pass

We started our journey to Larke Pass with joy and happiness. At first, we prepared special permits, ACAP, and MCAP permits in Kathmandu. Then the next day we drove to Soti Khola and began the Manaslu Trek. All going well with the huge group of 20 people. Unfortunately, we lost one of the members just on the second day of our journey. Because he got a problem with his leg. We promptly managed him to send Kathmandu and the rest of the group to continue the Manaslu Trek.

Trek to Larke Pass was going nicely. And after a long and heavy day from Deng to Namrung. Two of our team members felt a bit sick (Jos and Hans) infect Mr. Hans our team leader. Although we continued our journey with the sick health of two people in the group. We reached Lho safely and still, two of them were sick. The next day our journey to Samagaun started. After some time our tour leader felt very difficult to walk and we all have to help him to walk. He continued to Samagaun and see what will happen. 

After we reached Smagaun we visited the clinic to check what happened to Mr. Tour’s leader, unfortunately, there was no doctor, and not able to give him the proper instructions to take care of his health. In the evening time, Mr. Hans and Mrs. Fabinenne decided to return to Kathmandu for better treatment. The procedure of returning to Kathmandu was not that straightforward however we managed that. 

After sending Mr. Hand and Mrs. Fabinenne to Kathmandu group become smaller by just 17 people. When We lost our tour leader, we were at the higher and heavy part of the trek and the challenge was standing there with Mt. MANASLU. And we have to start a new day and that day we forgot what happened and started a new journey with the new team leader Jourun I kept all the responsibilities on my shoulder as the trek organizer. 

Trek to Larke Pass 5106m above the sea level continues with 17 members, Mr. Jit was leading the group in the front, Bishnu and I work on the middle and last and Jouron kept eyes on everyone. I show that when we climbed from Samdo to Dharmasla most of the members are feeling very difficult to walk, indeed it was the heavy part to walk before the Larke Pass. When I showed that I got lots of pressure on myself and wondered how to cross this huge pass. 

We reached Dharmasala at midday for lunch and after lunch, everyone tried to take a good rest. The biggest challenge in Dharmasala was to spend a night in there because there was no good guest house. That is why Jit got there early in the morning to reserve the room and we got two rooms those two rooms need to share with 8 people, 4 people in a room (Thank you to all the members who coordinate with each other). Guides and porters have to sleep in a tent. 

We ordered dinner for 5 PM because the next day our plan to walk was early in the morning. Usually, everyone does it, because normally there will be windy after 10 Oclock on the Larke La. Dinner was ready 15 minutes later than planned so everyone ate dinner at 5:15 PM and went to bed at 6 pm. The hot water was very expensive, for 1 liter got water will cost 800 rupees. So better don’t drink hot water there, except hot water we can drink hot tea. 

The heavy day began early in the morning at 4:45 AM with a heavy heart. Because most of the group members are a bit nervous. As we started everyone took responsibility to make it a lifetime expedition and we accomplished it. However, it was very heavy for each of us, so that we walked at our own pace. And finally, we reached Larke La around 10:30 AM. And spent some time taking photos and hanging prayer flags on top of the Larke.  

Still, the most challenging part was there to descend on the snow. Each member of the group put on a crampon but I decided to do without it and the real trekking started. I show most of the members are okay to walk with crampons, but still, walking down is tough for everyone. And I show them fell down a couple of times. 

Ultimately, we reached nearby Phedi and took off the crompans; and continue our walk to Phedi for hot noodle soup and cold Coca-Cola. After lunch, we resume our trek to Bimatang and it was the heavy part for most of the group members.  Because we are all already very tired so that some of the members fell down a couple of times. And I tried to help them to reach Bimtang at the end of 5:45 PM we reached Bimtang just before dark. 

It was possible because of the positive attitude of every member who was there for the Manaslu Trek. Thank you very much Jit for leading the group in front and Bishnu to be in the middle. And all the group members who join the adventure and coordinate with each other to make successful this Larke Pass trip. And of course, our posters, who carry heavy luggage of members. Without them, it was not possible.

Thank you, Thank you, everyone. 


  1. Thank you Raby for leading the group over the pass safely. With pain in our hearts we had to leave the group after 7 days because of sickness of Hans, but we knew you would lead the group perfectly. Also many thanks to the two other guides Jit and Vishnu. You were a perfect team in difficult conditions.

  2. We were glad to have you as the guide Raby.
    And also that you gave the tip in Kathmandu to buy the crampons For the descend.

    It was a beautiful day , the highlight of the trekking which was Well organised by you and the other 2 guides Jit and Bishnu.

    For everybody who wants to do a trekking in Nepal, JRN treks.com is the company who can arrange a great trekking For you.
    Thanks Raby👍
    From a cold Holland, Oda and Ruud

  3. Thank you Raby for leading us over the Larke Pass safely and for the whole adventure. Th organization was perfect!
    It was not a very easy trip, but we had complete confidence in you and your team, helping us before we could ask. And I was so happy with your advice to buy the crampons for the descend in the snow. Raby, Jit, Bishnu and also the porters thank you for your support.

  4. Earlier I participated in a trek to Mustang, Nepal with ‘JRN Treks’. In November 2022, I participated with a group of 11 people in a trek around the Manaslu Massif with a team of JRN Treks, consisting of 3 guides and 5 porters. Not only their preparation and organization of the trek were excellent but also the execution. Their attention to the well-being and safety of both the individual participants and the group as a whole and their ability to improvise in unexpected situations made a deep impression. The trekking became a wonderful experience.

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