Meme Pokhari Trek – A virgin trek in Nepal

Meme Pokhari Trek

Nowadays adventure seekers are looking for new travel destinations. If you are also an amateur hiker looking for a new travel destination in Nepal; then the Meme Pokhari Trek is the best choice. This travel destination is very recently discovered by some local travelers. Since then it’s getting a popular trekking route among the Nepalese hiker community. So that this virgin land is becoming a newly opened trekking trail in Nepal for local as well well international trekkers. 

Meme Pokhari Trekking route is between the popular Annapurna Circuit Trek and Manaslu Trek. So the outstanding views of the Annapurna range and Manaslu range can see while hiking there. This region is also popular for pilgrimage because the lakes on the top used to be the pilgrimage destination for the local people of the region. Since it was introduced by some adventure lovers it becomes very popular. This is best for those who wish to explore untouched land with beautiful natural and cultural scenery. 

There are four small lakes that are connected by each other and they are called Meme Pokhari, Narsinga Lake, Tarwal Lake, and Dudh Kunda. The beauty of these small lakes is amazing because it’s connecting each other and water flows between them. On the occasion of the full moon day (Janai Purnima) each year, there will be thousands of pilgrimages visiting Meme Lake (Pokhari). And this is the long back culture of the local people visiting those lakes during that time. 

Meme Pokhari Trek Route

This trek can do for 7 to 8 days and can start and end in several places. So the choice is yours because you can make it short or long. However, the best itinerary of the Meme Pokhari Trek can follow like this. 

Day 1: Drive to Taksar Village 

Day 2: Taksar Village to Barah Pokhari (3200m)

Day 3: Barsh Pokhari to Komro Danda (3900m)

Day 4: Komro Danda to Meme Pokhari (4350m)

Day 5: Explore the Meme Pokhari and other associate Lakes. 

Day 6: Meme Pokhari to Molmche (2600m)

Day 7: Molmche to Tanje 

Day 8: Drive back to Kathmandu and your destination. 

As this is a camping trek in Nepal, essential camping equipment is necessary. All the food for the entire trip needs to carry and best to travel with the local guide and porter. Because of the newness, this region is still unknown and wild for many tourists. So that solo travel can be very dangerous 

Meme Pokhari Trek is an adventure journey to the Himalayas of Nepal. Because there are no houses, bridges, and proper trekking trails so the camping trek is the only option. Therefore this journey is the best option for those who want to forfeit nature and want to enjoy the camping trek experience in Nepal. 

How to get there? 

Well, it all depends on where are you now and traveling from. If you are traveling just take the bus to Besisahar and the same route from Kathmandu. Firstly, need to drive to Dumre and then take a way to Besisahar. From Besisahar you have to take the road to Taskar Village. And Taskar village is the place from where Meme Pokhari Trek will start. 

How hard is this trek?

Meme Pokhari Trek is considered as a moderate type of trek because it’s a camping trek and the camping trek is always challenging. Also, the camping trek is a very classic type of trek in the world. The walking trail is also very challenging because there is no proper trail and hard to find it. Without a local guide, it can be tough so that guide is very necessary. Altitude can be another reason why this trek is difficult because needs to be at around 5000m above sea level. 

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