How Cheap Trekking Package Deals in Nepal Can Impact Your Safety

Cheap Trekking Package

Nepal is the kingdom of the Himalayas and inside the Himalayas, there are hundreds of trekking trails. Organize trekking on those trekking trails there are thousands of trekking companies in Nepal. Those trekking companies offer various types of trekking packages. Such as a cheap trekking package, VIP or luxurious trekking packages, and many more. That offer will be different full board, bed, and breakfast, and only guide service. 

Every trekking routes have different elements to determine the cost of the trekking package. Those elements are – a trekking permit, transportation, accommodation, length of the trekking, guide, and porter. Also, the biggest matter is the types of trekking you are doing, camping trek or tea house (lodge trek). Comparatively tea house trek is cheaper than a camping trek because, in a tea house trek, there are fewer men power needed. 

You have the plan to do a trek in Nepal and search online and found a very cheap trekking package !!! Before you book that cheap trekking package thinks 100 times because that can be a scam. Why it’s? Maybe a question arises in your mind. Of course, that happens because we all want to have good things at cheap prices as possible. 

How and why do some companies offer cheap trekking packages and that is a scams? 

What do you think about Everest Base Camp Trek

The permit cost for Everest Base Camp Trek? 

How much does the flight in and out from Lukla cost? 

How much will a guide charge for the Everest base camp trek? 

What about the accommodation during the trek? 

Do not forget about the most important element of food during the trek. 

After researching all these parts, think seriously that if a trekking company offers Everest Base Camp Trek for $750 then it’s a scam. 

Why and how it is a scam? 

It’s a total scam because to fly to Lukla, costs around $200 one-way, and two-way it will cost around $400. Before the flight, you have to travel to the airport, and nowadays to fly Lukla needs to drive to Manthali. It will cost around $20 even if you travel by local bus it will cost around $15. It is for one way for two ways it will be $40

And the Everest Base Camp Trek permit will cost around $45 including the national park and local tax. Then a trekking guide will charge a minimum of $20 each day. For 11 days it will be a total of $220. Accommodation of a minimum of $5 for a night with sharing basis for 11 nights will cost $55. So if we do a total without food it will be 400+220+40+45+20+55 = $780 and how it is possible to do Everest Base Camp Trek for $750? 

Those companies offer cheap trekking packages at low prices because they have different plans. Did you hear or read about some scandal about fake rescues? If not then you should know that. Otherwise, you will be one of the victims of that fake rescue. 

They will only book your one-way ticket to Lukla while going up and getting in Dingnoche or Laboche. They will give you something in your food and make you sick and then they force you to fly by helicopter. Or you don’t have any options to take a helicopter and get back to Kathmandu for treatment. 

Those cheap trekking package offering companies have settings with the hospital too. Because they will have some commission from the hospital as well from your health. So that think before you chose such a cheap trekking package. At first, it looks cheap but in the end, it will be a costly one for you. 

Why you should avoid such a cheap trekking package? 

The first thing is that you can not have a better trekking experience in Nepal. The reason for this is that you can not accomplish your targeted goal. Because you will be forcefully returned back from your trip after crossing 4000m above sea level. You will get food poisoning and can not continue your journey to the Himalayas. Then you have to fly back to Kathmandu. 

Secondly, think about yourself, what is cheap in the world? Everything is expensive and you know the reality of the expenses. The Himalayas itself is the most expensive place because everything needs to be transformed from the cities. I do not mean that you pay over and you have a lot of money and want to expense it unnecessarily. Just try to be practical and get a reasonable price for trekking in the Himalayas. 

To have a successful trekking trip to Nepal, try to get reasonable trekking packages. Not the unreally cheap packages unreally cheap means a trap for you and your dream. So try to avoid the cheap Trekking Trip in Nepal. And importantly, in many popular trekking destinations in Nepal, you can do your own. But for safety and good experiences, you can hire a good guide through the good trekking companies in Kathmandu and Pokhara. 

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