Trip to Sanga Mahadev Temple

Trip to Sanga Mahadev Temple

My daughter’s summer vacation started and we made a trip to Sanga Mahadev Temple on Monday. Sanga Mahadev Temple (Statue) is a very popular travel destination among Nepalese travelers. I combine this trip with my trip to Banepa. I often travel to Banepa for foundation work, I am working with the foundation called Helping Thulo Parsel. This foundation is building earthquake-resistant houses in my village. 

Firstly we drove to Banepa and it took around an hour to reach there; then I bought building materials and load in the bus. After done my task in Banepa I drove back to Sanga. Banepa to Sanga is around a 10 minutes drive and we got off there in Sanga to visit Sanga Mahadev Temple. I was there 6 years ago with my fiance and this time together with my daughter. After a few minutes of walking, we reached the viral Sanga bridge (Pul) 

In Sanga Pul many people were walking here and there and we also joined them. People are taking photos and videos and most of them were making Tiktok videos. The bride was a bit shaking while we were walking because more than 50 people were walking at the same time. We enjoyed the walk a bit and more importantly enjoyed the views of Bhaktpur and Kathmandu. And of course the vehicle on the road moving to and from Banepa and Kathmandu. 

If you are an amateur hiker and looking for more hike connected with Sanga. Then you can do Dhulikhel, Namobuddha or Nagarkot. 

Why Sanga Mahadev Temple (Statue) is popular? 

Mahadev is one of the most worshipped gods in the Hindu religion and culture. It’s said that the statue of Mahadeva in Sanga is the tallest statue in the world. And Nepali people especially the Hindu Community go and pray to Shiva. The trip to Sanga Mahadev Temple is both religious and fun activity and with family is always great. The main reason why this place is famous is – religious beliefs and a great place for Kathmandu and Bhaktapur views. 

Also, this place is on the Araniko Highway and many people see the giant shrine of Shiva. This massive Shiva Statue is also known as the Kailashnath Mahadev statue. And it’s the world’s tallest too. Because of that, this place is getting popular among the local people. I also used to see that bridge and statue whenever I travel to Banepa and my hometown Temal. So that I made a tour of Sanga Mahadev Temple with my family. 

How to make a trip to Sanga Mahadev Temple? 

First, you need to drive to Ratna Park Kathmandu and then catch a bus to Banepa, Dhulikhel, or Panauti. The bus will take you to through Koteswore, Naya Thimi, Bhaktpur Suryabinayak, Nalinchowk, and then Sanga. The buss is going in every five minutes from Ratna Park. If you don’t want to come to Ratna Park you can catch a bus in Koteswore or any part of the Araniko Highway. 

Attractions of Sanga 

In Sanga, there are several things that attracts visitors and those things are the reasons to make a trip to Sanga Mahadev Temple. Those attractions are the suspension bridge, swings, the longest Shiva Statue, and resort running by Hilltop group. This trip with my family was just enjoying the bridge because rest of the things we did. So that we just been into the bridge and backed from there. But we tested Yammy Lashi (yogurt juice) and took some photos. 

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