When is the Worst Time to Trek in Nepal: A Comprehensive Guide

The worst time to do trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a mountain paradise and the world’s best-trekking destination which is why offers thousands of trekking routes. Those routes are 3 days to 120 days long; it all depends on how long you prefer to walk in the Himalayas. To the best and worst trekking experience in Nepal; you need to know the best and the worst time to do trekking in Nepal. If you don’t study and plan well before embarking on your journey to the Himalayas. I am 100% sure that you will have a miserable trekking experience in Nepal.

Nepal has four seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. All these seasons have different characteristics and different acts; especially in the Himalayas so a proper plan is most needed to do trekking in Nepal. Himalayan ranges are also in the various level, 2500m to 8848.86m and trekking trails are also in contrarily categories. Which trekking do you want to do, how long do you want to walk, and what is the suitable and unsuitable time to do that trek? All you need to know before commencing your trip to Nepal.

The best and worst time for trekking in Nepal determine by many elements. Such as weather, temperature, surrounding vistas, humidity, and what nature offers to see during that moments. If the weather is not clear you can not enjoy anything because there is nothing to see. And if the temperature is fricking cold then again there is no fun so choosing the best time to travel in Nepal is mandatory. To have a super cool travel experience in Nepal.

Season wise the worst time to do trekking in Nepal, generally speaking, all seasons are good to do treks in Nepal. However, weather-wise and temperature-wise the summer season and autumn season is the worst time. The main reason is the weather and temperature during these two seasons.

Trekking in Nepal during the summer season. 

The summer season is the rainy season in Nepal and June, July, and August months are known as the summer season. Although some treks are doable during the summer season too. Those treks are Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpa, the Mustang Tiji festival, and many more. These places are in the trans-Himalayan part and there is very less rain or even no rain. But other reasons treks are not good to do during these months in Nepal. 

During the summer seasons, there are high chances of landslides, and floods because of the heavy rain. Because of the rain, the wetland is another problem to walk in the Himalayas. The leeches are also the biggest problem during the summer season in the lower elevation of the trekking area. On the other hand, greenery is the best thing to see, so to see the green atmosphere summer season is perfect. 

Trekking during the winter season in Nepal’s Himalayas. 

Winter means cold and snow, imagine how cold there will be above the 5000m sea level. The months of the winter season in Nepal are December, January, and February. Most of the beautiful trekking trails in Nepal are above the 3000m sea level and during the winter season are full of snow. The irritating thing is the frozen everything, especially the water in the whole region and the toilet of the hotels. 

Because of the snow, all the trekking trails are vanishing, and that will make it very difficult to walk. So the winter season is another worst time to do trekking in Nepal.

In Conclusion,

Nepal is a kind of all-season travel destination in the world. Although to do trekking in Nepal’s Himalayas the spring and autumn seasons are the best time. And summer and winter are the worst seasons for trekking in Nepal. So if you are planning to make a trekking trip to Nepal then chose the best season for the best trekking experience in Nepal.

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