Phulchowki Hiking With My Family

Phulchowki Hiking With My Family

As a hiking and nature lover, I always enjoy hiking and trekking, therefore this time I choose to do Phulchowki Hiking With My Family. My wife and daughter both love to walk in nature which is why we try to go for a hike during the weekend. When we hike we feel refreshed and energetic to start working on another day ahead. And such an activity will help my daughter to study better and perform better in her life. 

I have done other hiking trails in Kathmandu such as Tarebhir Hike, and Shivapuri Peak Hike with my family. This time I did Phulchiki Hiking with my family last Saturday. I planned this hike for quite a long time but always we were unable to do it. Last time when we went to do Phulchoki Hiking we changed our plan and we did Marvel Danda Hike instead of doing this one.  

Phulchowki Hiking With Family


As we planned we packed what we needed such as energy bars, dried fruits, instant noodles, a water bottle, and cooking utensils. After all, set, today’s our journey to Phulchowki Hill with my Family embarked with a drive to Godawari. As we live in Dallu Kathmandu today’s our Phulchowki Hiking route is as follows Tripureswore, Phulchok, Jawalakhel, Lagankhel, Gorkowa, Hattiban, and at the end Godawari. 

It took around 45 minutes to reach the Godawari bus stop to embark on real Phulchowki Hiking with my family. We paid 10 rupees as an entree fee at the checkpoint and continued our hiking journey. Because of Saturday, we met many other fellow hikers, most of them were young people. Also, we showed many bikers who were riding a mountain bike to Phulchiki Top. Moreover, there were many vehicles also driving up with friends and families. 

Phulchowki Hiking With Family

In the first part, we walked on the road because there was no shortcut. Infect we walked most of the Hiking Trail of Phulchoki Hiking on the road. There were some shortcut trails as well but very difficult to walk, not only difficult to walk with kids but was also impossible because of the steep up, wet, and slippery. Also, there was snow and an icy trail to reach Phulchoki Danda. 

The main purpose of Phulchowki Hiking with my family was to enjoy nature and play in the snow. My daughter loves to play with snow and build snowmen and we did that near Phulchoki Top where we found a plethora of snow. Also took some photos with the snowmen that we built, and other many hikers also took photographs with that snowman. 

Phulchowki Hiking With Family

Ultimately, we reached our final destination Phulchowki Hill Top 2700m above sea level. This is the highest place in Kathmandu Valley. Firstly, we registered our name and mobile number at the Army Checkpost and then climbed up to Phulchowki Danda Top. There are many prayer flags, Phulchoki Mai Temple, a Small but beautiful Buddhist Stupa, the Nepal Telecom Tower, and the Nepal Army Camp to protect that tower. 

The environment on top was spellbound, we enjoyed the majestic view of snowy peaks, the entire Kathmandu Valley, and most importantly beautiful nature and surroundings. We worshipped and prayed to Phulchoki Mai to give us strength to grow better and stronger in every aspect of our lives. After spending around 30 minutes on top we started our descending journey of today’s Phulchowki Hiking with my family outing. want to know more about the Mountain Peaks which can see from Phulchowki then click here

Phulchowki Hiking With Family

Nearby the Phulchoki Top there is a place where you can eat some fast food such as MoMo, Chowmein, tea, and coffee. Even there is a canteen of the Nepal Army as well where you can have some fast food to kill your hunger. We ate Momo at the tea shop and then continued to walk down to Godawari. Downhill was easier than climbing up it took us 2 and a half hours to get down Godawari. 

We got down to Godawari we were very exhausted because it was almost 7 hour’s journey. From Godawari we drove back home and it was around 45-minute drive. Overall Phulchowki Hiking with My Family was a fantastic hiking trip that helped us understand how physically and mentally strong we are. I would like to suggest every parents to take time for your children to show them nature and help to them grow in positive way. 

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