Lakuri Bhanjyang Hiking – An Unforgettable Experience

Lakuri Bhanjyang Hiking

I was feeling so bored on Saturday morning and wondering what to do. While thinking about what to do I got a call from my friend who shared his plan to do Lakuri Bhanjyang Hiking. When I heard that he was planning to do this hike all laziness had gone away and I was ready to join him. After all, was set, we planned to meet at Lagankhel Bus Park, I booked a Patho Ride to Lagankhel Bus Park. 

It took around 25 minutes to reach Lagankhel Bus Park when I was there my friend Hari was already waiting for me. Lagankhel Bus Park is the place where public transportation is available to go to Lamatar. Before we embarked on our Lakhuri Bhanjyang Hiking together we bought some snacks, drinks, and fruits. Then got onto the bus for Lamatar and ultimately we reached Lamatar. 

Lamatar is the base camp of Lakuri Bhanjyang. Lakuri Bhanjyang is a hilltop from where we can enjoy the magnificent view of the giant snowy peaks and Kathmandu Valley including Bhaktapur and Lalitpur. This is a famous picnic spot so, it is possible to go directly by using a private or reserved vehicle. But our plan was to hike to Lakuri Bhanjyang. 

From Lamatar we began our Lakuri Bhanjyang Hike, there is a road and shortcut walking trail to the top. The road is comparatively easier than the walking trail which is steep. However, the walking route is faster than the road so we walked on the walking route to Lakuri Bhanjyang. It was around 2 and a half hour’s hike for us to summit the top of the Lakuri Bhanjyang

Lakuri Bhanjyang Hiking

While hiking up to Lakuri Bhanjyang we encountered other fellow hikers, some wild animals, birds, butterflies, and various insects. On top, there were many people including a group of students also enjoying the majestic view of the surroundings and the world’s highest snow-capped mountain peaks. We spent around 45 minutes there and took photos and recorded some videos. 

The height of Lakuri Bhanjyang is 1992m above sea level. This is one of the day hiking routes in Kathmandu. From here different routes such as hike down to Panauti, Bhaktapur, or Phulchoki. We chose to hike down to Bhaktapur, it took around 1 hour to Dhadhikot. Luckily when we were there, there was a bus leaving soon for Kathmandu. We got onto the bus and out today’s Lakuri Bhanjyang Hiking ended. 

Sometimes there is no bus available as we get it today. In that case, need to walk to Biruwa, Kausaltar, or New Thimi from where you can get buses frequently. Overall today’s Lakuri Bhanjyang Hiking was a perfect day hiking trip for us because we had the best views, perfect weather conditions, and an unforgettable hiking experience. 

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Lakuri Bhanjyang Day Hike 

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