The Beauty of Lakuri Bhangyang – A Traveller’s Guide

Lakuri Bhangyang

Do you know from where you can see the three cities of Kathmandu Valley? Don’t be confused Lakuri Bhangyang is the place from where you can enjoy the scenic glimpse of the Kathmandu Valley. This picturesque hilltop is located in the eastern part of the Lalitpur district. It’s approximately 15 Kilometers from the heart of Kathmandu and the perfect spot for a picnic and other weekend celebrations. 

After submitting the top of Lakuri Bhangyang not only witnessed the view of Kathmandu Valley. It’s an ideal location to enjoy the sight of many giant snowy mountain ranges such as Langtang, Gaurisankar, and Jugal Himal. This is also, the finest sunrise and sunset viewpoint near the Kathmandu Valley. Day hiking and camping is a convenient way to have all these things from there.

If you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city’s life for an overnight Lakuri Bhangyang is the immaculate place for overnight camping. Enjoying the nature of this stunning hilltop by camping, trekking, and hiking will reenergize your mental and physical health. So let’s make a weekend plan and enjoy the beauty of the vivid atmosphere of Lakuri Bhangyang and its surroundings. 

How to get there? 

Trekking and hiking – Lakuri Bhangyang Hike / Trek can be a day to a couple of days. Most of the adventure seekers explore it as a day hike. Some of the people will trek for two days from Godawari or Dadhikot. This is one of the easiest hiking routes in Kathmandu Valley hence everyone can do it. 

Cycling and biking – Cycling itself is an adventure sport and Lakuri Bhangyang can add to your cycling route in Kathmandu. There is a rough road to get near the top where you can go on a motorcycle or mountain bike. Explore It with the bike will allow you to experience the biking adventure in Kathmandu. 

Three different ways to get to Lakuri Bhangyang first one is from Gwarko, Imadole, and Lamatar. The second route to get in and out of there is via Pilot Baba Asharam in Bhaktapur. Another third option to get to Lakuri Bhangyang is Godawari Lalitpur. The easiest option to explore this beautiful place is from Lamatar via Gwarko. It’s around 13 kilometers distance from Gwarko. 

You can take a public bus from Lagankhel Buspark, road route is via Gwarko, Imadole, Lamatar, and the Lakuri Bhangyang. The drive will take around 1 hour and if you hike or trek it will take approximately 2 to 3 hours to reach on top. 

When is the best time to visit Lakuri Bhangyang? 

It is a hill station from where you can enjoy the best valley view. As everyone knows during the spring and autumn seasons usually the weather in Nepal is perfect for exploring nature. Therefore the best time to visit Lakuri Bhangyang is during the Spring and Autumn seasons. Also, the winter season offers nice vistas from the top after spring and autumn the winter is also a good season to Hike up. The summer season is not a preferable time to explore and hike in this region. 

Spring Season – March, April, and May 

Autumn Season – September, October, and November. 

Winter Season – December, January, and February. 

Summer Season – June, July, and August. 

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  1. […] From Lamatar we began our Lakuri Bhanjyang Hike, there is a road and shortcut walking trail to the top. The road is comparatively easier than the walking trail which is steep. However, the walking route is faster than the road so we walked on the walking route to Lakuri Bhanjyang. It was around 2 and a half hour’s hike for us to summit the top of the Lakuri Bhanjyang.  […]

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