Chovar Danda – Perfect Weekend Destination For People of Kathmandu

Chovar Danda
Daughter and Father enjoying inside the Manjushree Park

Chovar Danda is one of the historical lands in the Kathmandu Valley. This place is not only famous as a historical place but also well-known as a touristic hub for local visitors. Especially, during the weekends and public holiday season this spot is full of people. People go there for picnics, family get-togethers, couples dating, and adventure activities. 

Also famous for film shooting, music video shooting, wedding photo shoots, modeling photo shoots, etc. Additionally, Chovar Danda is used for driving training areas by many institutes and learners. Nowadays it is managed and supervised by the local government which is why it is becoming more attractive and fascinating. 

The distance between Ratnapark (The heart of Kathmandu) to Chovar Danda is 7.7 KM. From Balkhu Chowk is just 3.6 KM. The main route to get to Chovar is firstly to get to Balkhu Chowk from any part of Kathmandu. And then follow the Dakshinkali Road via the TU gate. 

Things to see in Chovar Danda 

Manjushree Park – Chovar Danda is historically related to the goddess Manjushree therefore the beautiful park named Manjushree Park is one of the most important things to see while visiting there. 

Caves – The caves are very fascinating and interesting things to observe while you visit Chovar Hill. To go inside the cave you need to buy a ticket and need to be with the team. Without the flashlight, it’s not possible to go inside the cave. 

Chovar Gorge – This gorge is related to the history of Kathmandu Valley and it looks absolutely stunning. It’s believed that this gorge was made by the goddess Manjushree to create human civilization in the Kathmandu Valley. This deep gorge is also one of the attractions of the Chovar Hill. 

Jalbinayak Mandir – This beautiful Hindu Temple is located on the bank of the Bagmati River. As a legend, this Temple is one of the oldest Jal Binayak (Ganesh ) temples in Kathmandu Valley. Interestingly this temple’s surroundings are dedicated to both Ganesh and Bhairab. 

Fast Track Port – This one is one human-built to facilitate the people of Kathmandu as a fast track to India to trade. This one is not in use but when it is used it will be nice to see when you explore Chovar Danda. 

Whooppy Land Water Park – Hoppy Land Water Amusement Park is one of the biggest water parks in Kathmandu Valley. If you are going to visit Chovar Danda then this is one of the most seen things in there. 

Tau Daha Lake – This gorgeous lake is just a few meters far away from Chovar Danda. It’s worth to visit Tau Daha as well when you are in Chovar. 

Some hiking routes from Chovar – The first one is Champa Devi Hike, the hiking route is followed via Chovar Hill and the next one is the most famous one Bhundole Chour Hike


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