The first meeting of Tamang Rimtim Tourism Network

Tamang Rimtim Tourism Network

Tamang tourism entrepreneurs are get together in a meeting organized by Tamang Rimtim Tourism Network on 2nd January 2021. Chief guest of the meeting was Shambu Tamang the first youngest Mt. Everest Climber. And other guests are the president of Nepal Mountain Association (NMA) Santa Bir Tamang, President of CAN Rajendra Tamang, former general secretary of TAAN Karna Bahadur Tamang, and other respected persons from the Tamang Community.

President of Tamang Rimtim Tourism Network Mr. Ambar Bahadur Tamang explained why this organization was formed and history of Tamang Rimtim. He said how Tamang people’s achievements are putting in shadow by the government of Nepal. And put on the table the agendas of this organization. Also talked about the future plans of that organization.

Mr. Santa Bir Tamang the president of NMA also explained that how Tamang people are working in the mountaineering sector and what they achieved. But their achievements are under the shadow because of the negligence of the government. As well as how NMA respects those Tamang people who achieved those records in the history of mountaineering. Also, Mr. Tamang explained that how this foundation is formed and operated in the past.

One of the senior Tamang tourism entrepreneur and the adviser of Tamang Rimtim Tourism Network Mr. Tilak Tamang mentioned the importance of this organization and how this forum used to play a vital role in the tourism related organizations like TAAN and NMA to elect Tamang people to get into the vital roles. And he wished that this organization must work on the welfare of the Tamang community. He promised that he will be always there to help young Tamang entrepreneurs. 

Meeting’s  main agenda was that how Tamang people can establish in tourism industry. As well as in all sectors. And how to establish the identity of the Tamang community in the tourism industry as well as other industrial and social sectors. At the end distributed the general membership to everyone who attended today’s program. Also, thank by Secretary Nara Dhoj Tamang to everyone to attend that program and shared his good and bad experiences while registering this organization legally. 

Another attraction of today’s meeting was the first Tamang Lady to climb Mt. Everest and other eight-thousander mountain peaks – Miss Sarmila Syantan. The one and only Tamang female Ultra Marathon runner Rasila Tamang. Ex miss Tamang, model and winner of the dancing with stars Sumi Moktan. These all Tamang ladies are doing good in their professions. 

The executive committee of Tamang Rimtim Tourism Network.

Amabar Bahadur Tamang Bomjan – President

Sarita Tamang – Vic President

Dorje Tamang – Vic President

Chhetup Tamang Dong – General Secretary

Ritu Gyamdan – Treasure

Nara Dhoj Tamang – Secretary

Urke Tamang – Vic Treasure

Executive Members

Kumar Tamang

Basanta Kumar Tamang

Prem Lama

Bijay Tamang

Rabi Dash Tamang

Himal Tamang

Buddha Sing Tamang

Dawa Wandi Tamang

Rabi Lama

Bishow Raj Tamang

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  1. […] Late Sambhu Tamang was the first youngest person to climb the Top of the world Mt. Everest. He climbed Mt. Everest in 1973 at the age of 17 years old with the Nepal – Italian Everest Expedition group. This is the Shambu Tamang Biography copied from Shambhu Tamang Souvenir. Which was published by Tamang Rimthim Tourism Network.  […]

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