Sundarijal Chisapani Nagarkot Hiking Route that i followed during Chispani Nagarkot trek

Sundarijal Chisapani Nagarkot Hiking Trail

Sundarijal Chisapani Nagarkot Hiking route is one of the popular hiking routes near Kathmandu. These 2 nights’ hiking trails offer an amazing view of the Kathmandu Valley, Snowy mountain peaks, and dramatic landscapes. Walking inside the Shivapuri Nagarjuna National Park will let you enjoy the beauty of nature and the lifestyle of wild animals.

Sundarijal means beautiful water. Sundari means beautiful and Jal means water in the Nepali language so Sundarijal means beautiful water. This beautiful tourist place is 15KM northeast of the heart of Kathmandu Thamel. And this is the starting point of the Sundarijal Nagarkot Hiking trail.

Chispani means cold water. Chisa means cold and Pani means water in the local language so Chispani means Coldwater. Therefore imagine how cold is there? ….. It’s just a little joke although a bit colder than Kathmandu. Chispani is the place where hikers will spend the first night of the Chisapani Nagarkot Trek. From here you can enjoy a panoramic glimpse of the snowy mountain peaks.

Nagarkot is a beautiful hilltop that offers breathtaking mountain views including the top of the world Mt. Everest. This place is the chill-out place for the people of Kathmandu Valley; and used to be a place of the summer place of the royal family. Located 32KM from the center of Kathmandu with an elevation of 2100m above sea level.

Day 1 Drive to Sundarijal and Trek to Chisapani

I caught a bus from Ratna Park to Sundarijal; traveling on a local bus is always fun. With different types of music full of people talking in different languages. Luckily the person sitting nearby me was also a Tamang so we also chat in Tamang Language; he was also traveling to Mulkharka to his hometown.

After around one and a half hours I reach Sundarijal Bus Park, from where I have to start my journey to Chispani. Before beginning the walk I drank a cup of tea and eat some cookies. Then hike could commence to Mulkharka the first and last village before Chispani. Along the way, I met some other people, they are just going to hike a bit to the water dam and surroundings of Sundarijal.

After around half an hour I reach the Ticket counter; where I have to buy permits to get entry in Sundarijal Chispani Nagarkot Hiking trail. I bought a ticket and that cost 100 rupees. While walking on the way before starting climbing up there is a water reservoir for Kathmandu Valley. Climbing via Mulkharka I enjoyed the bird’s-eye view of Kathmandu Valley. And at the last restaurant in the village, I ate some fried noddle.

Then voyage continues to Banjyang inside the deep forest and follows the walking trail to Chisapani. While walking there the sound of my movement, birds, and winds refresh me and give me more stamina to reach Chisapani. From Banjyang I walked down to Chisapani and I met a couple who hiking the same trail. They were nice and friendly folk and we spent overnight at Chisapani at the same hotel.

Day 2 Chispani to Nagarkot – The longest Day of the Sundarijal Chisapani Nagarkot Hiking 

Sundarijal Chisapani Nagarkot Hiking

The next day after breakfast I said goodbye to that beautiful couple and follow the road to Nagarkot. In Chisapani I showed my permit at the checkpoint and then continue the hike into the wilderness. After some, I surpass a beautiful lake in the middle of the Jungle and I spent some time there. That lake is really beautiful in the middle of the jungle and surrounded by hills.

Then my hike continue inside the jungle while waking I heard the birds chirping sounds; sometimes deer hisses these all things making me feel nature. The first village I reach was Jhule and continued descent to Chauki Banjyang. I stopped there for lunch and spent some time there. Then follow the road to Nagarkot. Most of the time I walked on the road and sometimes there are shortcuts too and I walked there.

Passing the typical villages and meeting with I ca l folk, talking with them, and following to my destination was so memorable. After 7 hours of ups and downs, I reach Nagarkot. In Nagarkot, I stayed at the Stupa Resort because I knew the manager of that place. Spent a delightful evening with delicious Dal Bhat and went to bed early because I was so tired after a long day’s walk.

Nagarkot is a junction to meet different hiking trails; such as Sankhu Nagarkot Hike, Changunarayan Nagarkot Hike, and Sundarijal Chisapani Nagarkot Hiking route. Because this place is at the top of the hill and offers breathtaking mountain and landscapes vistas. Also, here are some world-class hotels and restaurants which offer the best hospitality.

Day 3 Early morning hike to Viewpoint and trek down to Changunarayan.

I wake up early at 5 am to hike Nagarkot viewpoint for sunrise viewpoint. When I reach the viewpoint there were already many visitors for the sunrise view. I climb up to the tower for the view but the cloud was not the fever of me and stayed there for around an hour. Finally, the mountains are appearing are enjoying the view.

Then I return to the hotel and eat breakfast, thill then the water was getting better. Checked out from the hotel and journey begins to decent to Changunarayan. The landscape was incredible with the snowy peaks in the distance. Rice fields, typical houses with modernization are kissing the local lifestyle. Temples, stupas, and Monasteries along the way stand to show you the culture and tradition of the area.

My first stop was at Telkot, drinking a cup of milk tea, and turning the right side to Changunarayan. Climb up to the jungle and meet some travelers walking the same destination. Share each other hiking experiences and ultimately reach Changunarayan.

Changunarayan is a Hindu Temple and this site is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This beautiful Temple is a Historically and architecturally very significant site of Nepal.

Require a permit for Sundarijal Chisapani Nagarkot hiking

Sundarijal Chisapani Nagarkot Hiking Routes

Sundarijal Chisapani Nagarkot Hiking Route is inside the Shivapuri Nagarjuna National Park. So that needs to purchase this National Park entry permit just above the Sundarijal. And this permit will check in Chisapani and Jhule at the national park offices.

Nepali Citizen Rs. 100 per day per person

SAARC Nationalities Rs. 600 per day per person

Other countries Rs. 1000 per day per person

If you want to take your vehicle you need to pay extra for that.

Mountain Bike/ Cycle Rs. 20 for per vehicle/per day/per entry

Motorbike Rs. 150 for per vehicle/per day/per entry

Car/Jeep/Taxi/Van Rs. 400 for per vehicle/per day/per entry

Minibus/Bus/Truck Rs. 500 for per vehicle/per day/per entry for more details you can visit the website of the Shivapuri Nagarjuna National Park. 

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  1. This blog recounts a captivating trek from Sundarijal to Nagarkot, offering stunning views of the Kathmandu Valley and snow-capped peaks. The journey includes details of Day 1’s bus ride, the picturesque hike through Mulkharka, and a humorous touch about Chispani’s “cold water.” Day 2, the longest day, unfolds with encounters in the jungle and a serene lake. The trek concludes in Nagarkot, a hub for various hiking trails, leaving the author tired but fulfilled. Overall, a compelling guide for those seeking adventure in the Kathmandu Valley.

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