The top 10 reasons to do Manaslu Trek for once in a lifetime experience

Reasons to do Manaslu Trek

Mount Manaslu is the 8th highest peak in the world and this mountain is known as the sprite mountain. Trekking to the lap of this gorgeous peak is the Manaslu Trek and each year thousands of trekkers walk around this mountain. Not only trekkers but many climbers travel there to scale this mighty peak. There are many reasons to do Manaslu Trek in 2023.

Located in the western part of the country, a glimpse of this huge peak is just spectacular. The diverse flora and fauna of this region are the other reasons to do Manaslu Trek. Not only the flora and fauna but also, the culture and traditions of this beautiful area is the best attraction of Manaslu Trek.

Manaslu Trek is one of the restricted trekking trails in Nepal and nearby this trek there is another trek called Tsum Valley Trek. This can combine together with Manaslu Trek, this trek starts at around 800m above sea level and ends after passing Larke Pass 5106m.

Not only the Tsum Valley Trek after the Larke Pass trekkers can continue the Annapurna Circuit Trek to Pass Thorong La Pass 5416m. Also, can explore the world’s highest Lake Tilicho Lake if you have more holidays in Nepal. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should do Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Less touristic and commercial trekking trail.

New Technology bridge

Manaslu Trek is the best option for Annapurna, Everest, and Langtang Trek. Due to the requirements of the special permit and license holder trekking guide, there is no chance to go individual trekkers; this trek is less touristic during the peak trekking seasons in Nepal. Trekking inside the Budi Kali Gandaki Valley and Manaslu Conservation Area always gives you a locality experience.

Because of the less touristic, this is the best option for the peace and self enjoyers. Compare to other popular trekking trails like Everest, Annapurna, and Langtang trek this trek is fewer people and fewer crowed. So if you are the one who wants to avoid a crowded and commercial atmosphere during the trek then Manaslu Trek is for you.

However, it’s getting slowly commercial but not like Everest and Annapurna region treks. So that the less touristic and noncommercial are the real reasons to do Manaslu Trek.

Outstanding Mountain Glimpse

Reasons to do Manaslu Trek

Walking to the western region of Nepal is the exploring the world-class mountain peaks. So that trekking to the lap of the world’s 7th tallest peak; will take you to the heart of the mountain Paradise. From the starting point of the trek, you will enjoy the mountain’s impressions. As long as you go higher and closer to the giant Mount Manaslu, the vistas of the snowy peaks get stunning.

The best view of the snowy mountains are the reasons to do Manaslu Trek. Mount Manaslu is the heart of attention on this trek because you can witness the mesmerizing view with your bare eye. Not only the Mt. Manaslu but the other many snowy capped peaks are also seen during the climbing up to the Larke La 5106m. Even after the pass, you can enjoy the panoramic views of the Manaslu and other many mountain peaks.

The richness of the typical culture and tradition

Reasons to do Manaslu Trek

Manaslu region is an eclectic region, starting at 800m and ending after passing 5000m above sea level. So imagine, how different is thereby biological and cultural. People living there are a mix of Nepali origin and Tibetan; in the lower region mostly find Nepali origin and upper parts mostly of Tibetan origin.

The mixed culture has a fusion result so that the unique culture and tradition of the Manalsu regions are the reasons to do Manaslu Trek once in your lifetime. People living in this mountain area are Buddhist religious followers. As you know the Buddhist culture and tradition, how rich is the territory for culture and tradition?

Challenging but stunning high pass

At Larke Pass 5106

Larke Pass is one of the renowned trekking passes in Nepal. With an elevation of 5106m and surrounding vistas of snowy peaks. The journey to Larke Pass starts from Kathmandu to Aarughat or Sotikhola. Then ends after the pass the Larke La via Dharmasala.

To get into this stunning mountain pass need to walk through the typical villages such as Deng, Namrung, Lho, Syala, Sama Gaun, and Samdho. This pass is very tough and laugh, even from the top to Bimtamg descent is not that easy. All the way down to the rough and stony trail is very scary.

But the feeling to be at that top and having stunning views of the surroundings is spectacular. You can not stop taking photos of this amazing creature of nature. And you will forget all the pain and shortness of breathing while ascending to the top.

Possible to add a side trip to Tsum Valley.

Reasons to do Manaslu Trek

Manaslu Trek can add with Tsum Valley Trek at the same time only need to strengthen a week of holiday. Tsum Valley is a hidden valley nearby the spirits mountain Mt. Manaslu and next to the Ganesh Himsl. This hidden gem has its own unique culture and tradition and also an absolute mountain feeling while trekking there.

Adding a week is worth exploring the very unique culture and tradition of this region. The multi-husband system is in Tsum Valley. In a family, all the brothers marry a wife and spend life with one wife in the whole family. So that opportunity to observe Tsum Valley at the same time is one of the reasons to do Manaslu Trek.

Numerous Buddhist monasteries and Stupas

Reasons to do Manaslu Trek

Manalu is a Buddhist land and is covered by numerous monasteries and Buddhist stupas, and Mani walls along the way. In every village, there is a monastery, and monks live in that monastery. In their culture and tradition, that monastery belongs to the villages and villagers have to manage the monastery.

While trekking to Manaslu along the way, there are many ancient stupas. These stupas are the symbols that this region is the real Buddhist Land. Witnessing these monuments is another reason why you should do Manaslu Trek. In this area, there is a tradition of one home one monk or lama so that each family sends one of their children to the monastery to learn Lama.

Natural Lake and rivers

Reasons to do Manaslu Trek

When starting the then you will follow the glacier-flowing river Budi Kali Gandaki. The crystal clear water on the river is so beautiful; and needs to cross this river many times to reach the source of the river. Not only is this huge river, but other many streams are also flowing down from the top of the hills. Seeing those clear water from the brooks mixing in Budi Kali Gandaki enlarges the river water level.

On the other hand, there are some natural lakes such as Birendra Lake, etc. Birendra Lake is located on the lap of the mighty Mt. Manaslu and normally trekkers will explore as a day trip while taking a rest day in Sama Gaun. The composure and tranquility of the Birendra Lake will make your breath slow and gentle:

Can combine with Annapurna Circuit Trek

Reasons to do Manaslu Trek

Manaslu Trek has its own unique and special culture and tradition. Combining these two treks will allow you to differ the culture and traditions of the Manaslu and Annapurna regions. Annapurna Circuit Trek is already a very famous and world-class trekking trail in Nepal.

This combination is the best for those who have a longer holiday and want to explore more mountains. If you combine these two treks you will do two high Himalayan Passes (Larke and Thorong La) However, you will feel the busier crowd in the Annapurna region the Manaslu region.

Chance to visit Manaslu Base Camp

Reasons to do Manaslu Trek

While taking a rest day in Sama Gaun, you can walk to Manaslu Base Camp. So that does Manaslu Trek will allow you to explore the Manaslu Base Camp – the base camp of the world’s 7th highest peak. To walk to Manaslu Base Camp from Samagaun will take approximately 7 to 8 hours.

When you reach the base camp, you can have the close eye views of Mt. Manaslu 6167m, Mt. Ganesh Himal II (7118m), Mt.Sringi Himal (7161m), Mt. Syala Himal (6235m), Mt. Himalchuli (7893m), Mt. Himlung Himal (7126m), and Mt. Simnang Himal (6251m). So trekking to base camp is worth your money and time

Remote villages – The best reasons to do Manaslu Trek

Typical houses

Do you think you can stay without the internet for a month, a week, or a day? And hot shower for longer than a week, and for a month? Your answer will be no and not possible. But the reality of the Manalsu region and some villages is that there is no phone, internet, and hot shower. Because this is a very remote place and no modernization and commercialization.

People are living a very simple life and enjoying the purity of nature. Loving with that nature, and are happy with that what they got from nature. These are the few reasons to do Manaslu Trek, when you are on the spot yourself you will enjoy this amazing trek in Nepal.

After reading this article you have got some questions regarding Manaslu Trek and I am trying to give you the answers to those questions. These are the frequently ask questions about the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

What is the best time to do Manaslu Circuit Trek?

The best time to do Manaslu Circuit Trek is Spring and Autumn. The spring season starts in March and ends in mid-May. This season is one of the best times to do Manaslu Trek. During this season there will be a clear sky and good temperature and very best view of the mountain and surroundings.

The Autumn season is the nicest season to do treks in Nepal. So to do Manaslu Trek during the fall season is a generous season because during this time crystal clear mountain glimpses. Same like the spring season, during the autumn season there will be a clear view, perfect temperature, and good weather. The Autumn season starts in September and ends in November.

How difficult is Manaslu Trek?

Manaslu Trek is a moderate type of trek in Nepal. It’s a moderate type because needs to walk through the surrounding of the world’s highest peak and the high passes. So if you are physically fit and able to walk per day for 6 to 7 hours then it’s a trek for you. Still, it can be challenging because of the altitude sickness in the high mountains.

What kind of accommodation during the trek?

This trek used to be a classic camping trek toll in 2010/2012. Since then it changing and started to become a tea house trek. Nowadays there are many Guest Houses, Hotels, and Restaurants. So there are no fancy but good quality accommodations available. But sometimes in the Dharmasala there you need to sleep in a tent and a very basic room.

What kind of permits need to do this trek?

To do this trek, the first permit you need is a special permit for the restricted area trekking permit. And also need a Manaslu Conservation Area permit and then Annapurna Conservation Area permit. So that you need 3 types of trekking permits to do this trek.

Do we need a guide and porter?

Trekking Guide in Nepal

This is a restricted trekking area, as you know to do trekking in the restricted area you must have a license holder guide. Without the guide, you can not do Manaslu Trek. But porter is not mandatory so if you are strong enough to carry 15/20Kg 6/7 hours per day. Porter is not necessary to do this trek.

Where to start and ends Manaslu Trek?

To start Manaslu Trek there are several places such as Aarughat, Sotikhola, Machhekhola, Laprak, Brapak, and any place. Because of the road construction, the best starting points are Sotikhola and Laprak. And the ending point can be Dharapani or Besisahar because of the road available in every place.

Are Internet and electricity accessible on the Manaslu Trek?

Yeah, there is available the Internet and electricity and to use these things you need to pay extra. That will cost 200 to 500 rupees per person and per device. However, the price will differ in different places.

How much does the special permit cost?

A special permit will cost different in different seasons, in Autumn season it will cost USD 100, and in spring it will cost USD 75. And the other two seasons will be different.

Conclusion – The reasons to do Manaslu Trek

Manaslu Trek is the alternative to Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, and Upper Mustang Trek. This trek offers all the features of the other trekking trails and even something more. That is why this trek is one of the restricted region trekking trails in Nepal. As up here mentioned the natural beauties, cultural phenomena, traditional outlook, flora, fauna, and nature creations are the main reasons to do Manaslu Trek once in your lifetime. To have an unforgettable and lifelong trekking experience from the Himalayas of Nepal.

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