Breath-Taking Mountain Peaks You Can See from Temal

mountain peaks can see from Temal

Temal is my home town and it’s a beautiful place and these are the mountain peaks can see from Temal. This is one of the nearest places to Kathmandu to explore nature and culture. Naturally, this place is located between 1000m above to 2100 m above sea level. The dramatic landscapes and surrounded by two rivers called Roshi, and Sun Koshi.

In this region, the majority of the people are Tamang, and living the Bramin, Chhatri, and Dalit, communities. So Tamang culture and traditions are the major attraction to visiting Temal. On the other hand, the other community’s culture and traditions are equally in there. The harmony between Tamang and other communities in Temal is an example to the other places and people who fight for religion and culture.

Many people from this region are working in the tourism industry of Nepal as porters, guides, and company owners too. So that they are showing their homeland by doing Temal Trek in this region. From Temal you can see these mountain peaks – Dorje Lakpa, Gaurisanakar, Langtang range, Manaslu range, and even the Mahalangur Himalayan range (Everest range) too.

These are the beautiful mountain peaks can see from Temal when you visit Temal. The best time to encounter these mountain peaks from Temal is during the autumn, spring, and winter season. During the summer season will be lots of rain and cloudy so during this season will be able to see these beautiful snowy peaks.

The mountain peaks can see from Temal

mountain peaks can see from Temal

The mountain peaks can see from Temal

The Langtang range mountain peak

Beautiful mountain peak can see from Temal





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