Kaphuche Lake Trek – Trek to the lowest glacier Lake

Kaphuche Lake Trek

In the really 2018 there was a glacier lake discovered by a group of Nepal hikers at the lap of the Mt. Annapurna second and Lamgung Himal. In the local language that lake is called Kaphuche Lake, Ka means ice or snow, Pu means breaking down and sliding after the break, and Che means settling on the flat land. Trekking to that beautiful glacier Lake is called Kaphuche Lake Trek; this trek is getting famous because of the natural elegance and very outstanding trekking experience.

As a newly explored trekking trail, this trekking trail is an emerging trekking trail in Nepal among Nepalese travelers. The walking trails follow the wilderness and beautiful nature with the diverse flora and fauna. Typical local villages such as Sickles and inhabitants of Gurung and Tamang communities in those villages. And the picturesque mountain glimpse of the entire Annapurna range, and surrounding landscapes.

The altitude of Kaphuche Lake is 2450m above sea level and known as one of the lowest level glacier lakes in the world. The highest elevation during the Kaphuche Lake is 2814m and that place is Tara Danda. Tara Danda means star hilltop, from this hilltop you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the snowy peaks. Wonderful landscapes and glamorous surroundings. This trek is a kind of Poon Hill Trek because of the elevation but the scenery is different. 

Kaphuche Lake Trek Itinerary

The way to Kaphuche Lake

Day 1 Drive from Pokhara to Sikles

Jeeps are running from Pokhara to Sikles and take one of the Jeep and drive to Sickles for this trip. If you want to travel by private vehicle then that is very easy and that will easily drop you in the traditional Gurung Village Sickles. It will take around 4/5 hours depending on how fast you drive and how many places you stop.

Day 2 Sikles to Hugu Goth

Well after breakfast walk to Hugu Goth, need to climb to Hugu Goth. During the hike, there will be memorizing views of the Annapurna second and Lamjung Himal. It will take around 5/6 hours to reach Hugu.

Day 3 Hugu Goth to Kaphuche Lake and Trek back to Hugu Goth.

Again need to climb up to Kaphuche Lake, enjoy the raw beauty of the Kaphuche Lake. It will take around 3/4 hours to reach there but it all depends on your walking ability. And then back to Hugu Goth.

Day 4 Hugu Goth to Sikles and drive back to Pokhara.

After breakfast walks down to Sikles village and then drive back to Pokhara. Today might be the longest day to walk and drive. Walk down to Sikles will take 2/3 hours and drive to Pokhara will take around 4 hours.

Is this trek require a permit and guide?

Kapuche Lake Trekking Trail

Yes of course this trek can not do without the permit and TIMS card for foreigners because Sikles is inside the ACAP. And for Nepalese travelers do not require any permit and TIMS Card to do this trek.

This is a newly discovered trekking trail so that better to have a local guide. However, if you are an experienced trekker no need to take a guide. If you take a guide that will be helpful for locals to earn some money.

How to get to Kaphuche Lake?

First, you need to drive from Pokhara to Sikles and then need to walk for 3 days ups and down to get back to Sikles and again drive back to Pokhara. If you are traveling from other places first drive to Pokhara and then follow the route to Kaphuche Lake Trek.

Food and accommodation during Kaphuche Lake Trek. 

Sikles is a famous tourist destination so that there you can get good food and a place to sleep. However, Hugu Goth doesn’t serve the best food and place to sleep for now. So that Nepali Dal Bhat will be the best choice to eat and sleep in basic accommodation with sharing basic. 

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