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The Best Camping Treks in Nepal

Nowadays finding the best camping treks in Nepal is kind of outdated because the tea house treks are getting more popular. But if you are looking for the best trekking experience, explore the less touristic region, and extra adventure activities then it’s the best option for you. Also, Camping Trekking is the classic way to explore nature and the Himalayas. A long time back Camping was the only and only option for visiting the Himalayan regions. 

I also started my trekking journey by doing today’s popular Manaslu Round Trek and at that time I did it as a camping trek. In my whole trekking career I have done more than 10 treks as camping treks. During that time, I have done 6 treks as a porter and 4 treks as an assistant guide with a Dutch Company. That time working as a porter and guide was harder but more natural and beautiful than nowadays. 

To do the best camping trek in Nepal requires many manpower such as a guide, cook, kitchen helper, and many porters. Normally, one Trekker needs 3 porters, one guide, a cook, and one kitchen helper, which is why the camping trek is more expensive than the tea house trek. So that many people can not afford such treks, also very challenging, and hardcore as well. Additionally, the uncomforted of this type of trek is very rough and tough. 

These are the 15 best Camping Treks in Nepal. 

Sherpani Cole Trek – One of the hardest treks in Nepal because need to sleep over 6000m above sea level and need some climbing techniques as well. There is not only the Sherpani Cole Pass, there are two more passes that are very challenging. That is why this trek is an epic journey between the world’s highest peaks Everest and Makalu. This trekking route is a part of the Great Himalayan Trail Trek. 

Upper Dolpo Trek – Another challenging trek needs to go through the barren land of the lap of the high Himalayas. Dolpo region has two different treks Upper Dolpo and Lower Dolpo Trek. Even both can combine as the Dolpo Trek. 

Dhaulagiri Round Trek – Nowadays Dhaulagiri Round Trek can be done as a semi-camping trek because, in the lower part of the trekking route, there are guest houses and lodges available. But in the upper part, there are no lodging and food facilities available. Therefore Camping is the only option to do this stunning trekking trail. 

Tillman Pass Trek – Another very hardship trek in Nepal, a trekking route itself named after the British adventure adventure explorer H. W. Tillman. Because he was the first person to do that route for the first time. 

Panch Pokhari Trek – Panch Pokhara means the five lakes which are considered the holiest Lakes in Nepal. Because this trek is a famous pilgrimage for Buddhists and Hindus.  Trekking to Punch Pokhari is 

Ganjala Pass Trek – Gangala Pass Trek is also the Sami Camping Trek in Nepal located between Langtang Valley Trek and Helambu Trek. Due to less trekked trekking trails, this trek requires some climbing techniques as well. Also, it will become very dangerous, especially during the snowy season or snow on the route. 

Singla Pass Trek – Singla Pass Trek is one of the remotest treks in the Ganesh Himal Region. Offering a great view of the Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Lamgung, and other many Himalayas ranges. This region is the perfect place to see all the different cultures and traditions of different ethnic groups, casts, and communities. The one and only option to do Singla Pass is to organize a trek or Camping trek. 

Makalu Base Camp Trek – Mount Makalu is the fourth highest peak in the world, still, this area is not very renowned as the Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp. That is why still need to do Camping Trek to explore the base camp of the world’s 4th highest peak. 

Humla Limi Valley Trek – Humla is one of the remotest places in Napal’s far western region. If you want to be far from the modern lifestyle then Humla Limi Valley Trek is the one for you. To do this trek requires a lot of effort and passion for Camping Trek. On the other hand, it will offer a lifetime memory that you can not get anywhere in the universe. 

Lumba Sumba Pass Trek – Doing Lumba Sumba Pass Trek is not only doing adventurous mountain activities. It’s a real opportunity to explore the hidden gems of the eastern part of Nepal. Additionally, this trek will offer to enjoy the beauty of the two world’s tallest peaks Kanchenjunga and Makalu. This trek for for those who are seeking a challenging camping trek in Nepal. 

Numbur Chees Circuit Trek – The less popular but stunning trekking route in Nepal. It’s kind of the lower Khumbu Trek starts from Sivalaya. Sivalaya is a village that is on the classic Jiri to Everest Base Camp. During this trek can enjoy the majestic vistas of Gauri Sankar and Mt. Numbur. 

Dudh Kunda Trek – Located in the lower part of the Khumbu region and offers a fabulous trekking experience in Nepal. This is less popular than the Everest Base Camp or other treks in the Everest Region. That is why completing this trek is only possible by camping. The main feature of this trek is the thrilling vistas of snowy peaks and Sherpa culture and tradition. 

Rolwaling Valley Trek – Rolwaling Valley Trek is harder than other normal trekking routes in the region. Without an experienced guide completing this trek is not possible to accomplish. If you are looking for an adventurous and one of the best camping treks in Nepal then this is the perfect choice for you. 

Ganesh Himal Base Camp Trek – Another less popular but beautiful trekking route in Nepal. Not hard nor easy, this trek is a moderate type of trek that can be done by a person who seeking for trekking route which is each day a 6 to 7-hour walk. Ganesh Himal is one of the holiest Mountains in Nepal because it’s named after the lord Ganesha. 

Annapurna North Base Camp Trek – Newly found trekking trails with a lot of possibilities to become popular trekking routes in Nepal. Because this route offers beautiful scenery of the Annapurna Himalayas and surrounding areas. Annapurna North Base Camp is also one of the less touristic trekking trails in Nepal. 

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