The Best Viewpoints in the Everest Region to See Mt. Everest

The Best Viewpoints in the Everest Region
Kongma La Pass 5550m

Everest region is popular for many trekking trails like Everest Base Camp, Everest Three Pass Trek, Renjola Pass Trek, Everest View Trek, and many more. While doing those treks in the Everest region there are many viewpoints from where we can witness the spectacular views. Especially the snowy-capped mountains like Everest, Lothse, Nuptse, Pumari, Amadablam, Malaku, and many more. Alongside mountain peaks, you can enjoy the dramatic landscape view as well. 

Everest region trekking is not only naturally beautiful it’s culturally and religiously attractive. In this region, Sherpa people live and they are known as the mountain people. Because they are very strong to climb any mountains as they acclimatize there from their childhood. They have their unique cultural traditions and celebrations are there such as the Mani Rimdu Festival, Dhumje Festival, and Lhosar Festival. 

While trekking to EBC or any other trekking trails in the Everest region you can not see mountain peaks always along the way. There are some viewpoints in the Everest region from where we can enjoy the breathtaking panoramic scenery. These are the 9 viewpoints you must know before embarking on your journey to the Khumbu region. 

1 Everest View Hotel (3800m)

The Everest View Hotel is known as one of the highest-point hotels in the world. This place is one of the perfect Everest viewpoints during the Everest Base Camp Trek. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the snowy peaks and amazing landscape view with a cup of hot tea. So the Everest View Hotel is one of the famous Everest View Points in the Everest region. 

2: Nangkartshang Peak (Upper Dingboche) 5075m

Viewpoints in the Everest Region

Nangakaratang Peak is a trekking peak above the Dingboche with an elevation of 5075m above sea level. Usually, People climb this peak while doing the Everest Base Camp Trek to acclimatize for the trek. From the top of this peak, you can enjoy the mighty views of Makalu, Thamaerku, Nutpse, Lothse, Amadablam, and many more. And the entire view of the Dingboche and Chhukung Valley. 

3: Chhukung Ri 5546m

Chhukung Ri’s 5525m high viewpoint offers the best view of the Chhukung Valley, Mount Lothse, Nuptse, Makalu, Island Peak, Aamadablam, and many more. This viewpoint in the Everest region is not as popular as other viewpoints in the region. When people go to Chhukung for Kongmala Pass and Island Peak climb they go there for the acclimatization. 

4: Kongmala Pass 5550m

Kongmala Pass 5550 is the highest trekking pass during the Everest Three Pass Trek. To get there back from there are three different routes – Chhukung, Dingboche, and Lobuche. The normal route is from Chhukung. From Kongmala Top, you can enjoy a 360-degree angle mountain view alongside a dramatic landscape view as well. 

5: Kalapattar 5555m

Viewpoints in the Everest Region

Kalapattar is one of the most popular viewpoints in the Everest region. No doubt that this is the best Everest viewpoint, from here not only the Mountain View but also the breathtaking View of the Khumbu Glacier and Khumbu Icefall. Kalapattar is also famous for its pristine sunrise and sunset viewpoint. Trekkers and hikers will climb this black peak early in the morning to enjoy the golden view of the world’s highest peak and other mountain peaks. 

6: Chola Pass 5420m

The Chola Pass is in between Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lake and this is the most trekked mountain pass or viewpoint in the Everest region. And also this is the second-highest trekking pass during the Everest Three Pass Trek. From the top of the Chola can enjoy an excellent view of Mount Everest to Mount Cho Oyu. 

7: Gokyo Ri 5360m

Gokyo Ri is the second most popular viewpoint in the Everest Region. This viewpoint offers an outstanding view of Everest, Makalu, Cho Oyu, and other mountains in the surroundings. The combined views of the mountains, Gokyo Lake, and Nogojumba Glacier are breathtaking. When you do the Everest Base Camp Trek I suggest exploring Gokyo Valley and Climb Gokyo Ri as well. 

8:  Renjola Pass  5345m

Renjola Pass is one of the passes of the Everest High Pass Trek. This pass is also considered the best viewpoint in the Everest region to enjoy the spellbound views of the World’s Highest Mountain Peaks, Lakes, Glaciers, and landscapes. This pass is not as popular as the Chola Pass, still, many people trekked this pass as the viewpoint.

Uplisted are the viewpoints on the way to Everest Base Camp. There are many viewpoints from where you can see Mt. Everest and other giant peaks near Kathmandu Nagarkot, Phulchowki, just a few hour’s drive from Kathmandu Daman. So travel where you want and enjoy a glimpse of Mount Everest and other associated peaks. The most essential note is that you must travel during the best time when you can enjoy the excellent view and best trekking experience in Nepal.

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