Happy Valentine’s Day – The day of the Lovers

Valentine Day

Valentine’s day is a day of lovers. On Valentine’s day, millions and billions of lovers get together and share and express theirs to each other. This is an annual (Valentine’s Day) event that is always celebrated on the 14th of February. It is not the typical celebration from Nepal although it’s getting popular among your people in Nepal.

In this day young people, they express their love to the one whom he/she likes and want to be together. They exchange gifts with each other, go on vacation, go for a candlelight dinner, go for a movie, and many more. So valentine’s day is the day to find the soulmate of a lifetime. Hence on this day, everyone shows their love.

This day is also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. As the legend regarding this Day, an imprisoned Valentine sent the first Valentine’s greeting by himself after he had one side of love with a young girl. And that young girl was his jailor’s daughter, who visited him during his detention. Before the death of valentine, he wrote her a letter with the line “From Your Valentine” since then this valentine celebrates in the name of love.

There are seven different days before Valentine’s day. So that these all days are dedicated today and each day celebrate in different ways and manners. Those seven days are:

7th of February – Rose Day – On this day the lovers exchange Rose 

8th of February – Propose Day –  The lovers propose their love

9th of February – Chocolate Day – Give some sweets to their loved ones. 

10th of February – Teddy Day – Gift a Teddy as a token of love

11th of February – Promise Day – Lovers promise each other to stay together for lifelong. 

12th of February – Kiss Day – Kiss each other by showing their love for each other. 

13th of February – Hug Day – They will have the big hug 

14th of February – Valentine’s Day – Finally, they celebrate their Valentine. 

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