Traveling on a bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara 

Traveling on bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara

2022/07/28 traveling on bus Kathmandu to Pokhara as the day one of Upper Mustang Trek. When I booked the bus ticket they said their reporting time is 6:30 AM and departure time is 7 AM. So that I leave my home at 6 am and n the morning to meet two trekkers in Thamel. At 6:25 AM I met with them and walked to the bus station at Link Road Sorakhutte Kathmandu. 

We got the bus and put our luggage on the back side of the bus and then waited to get full of people till 7 Oclock. While waiting we drank a cup of coffee and eat some cushion (Krusion) and talked about random things. Finally, the bus moved from there slowly and still got people. When we reached Kalanki bus was almost full of people and the bus was smoothly driven. So I felt that traveling on a bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara is going well. 

The first stop was at Naubesi for 10 minutes, and they called it a Toilet break (PipPip break). While stopping there at first I went to the toilet for PipPip and then we drank a cup of coffee. There we can most of the tourist buses to Pokhara, and stop for toilet break. After some time bus is again on track to Pokhara. Usually, on the bus, I fell asleep very quickly and it repeated again. 

The second stop was at Malekhu and this time during a breakfast break and for 25 minutes. Everyone got off the bus and of course we too get down from the bus but we didn’t eat anything hahaha. Just used the toilet and enjoy the river view and people are walking here and there. Then after 25 minutes bus started to drive on the Prithivi Highway to Pokhara. 

The bus stopped at Dhamaili for lunch and we ate Dal Bhat (Rice, Lintle, Seasonal vegetables, Salad, Papad, and Achar). We just finished the food and the bus was ready to go, and the conductor called us to come fast. I was a bit angry with myself because why I chose this bus to go to Pokhara. At this point, my journeying on a bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara is not that happy. Then we got on the bus and the journey continued. 

When traveling on the bus I often sleep and am not able to concentrate to read. But this time I read the 3 chapters of Winer Stands Alone by Paulo…….. To complete these three chapters I opened and closed books more than 5 times. Finally, at 4 pm, the bus reached Pokhara tourist bus park and then took a taxi to the hotel. 

Villages will cross while traveling on a bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara. 

Naubise, Dhading besi, Malekhu, Kurintar, Muglin, Dumre, Abu Khaireni, Damauli, and then Pokhara. 


  1. Great first story of your first day of the trek to Mustang. Read like a page turner hihi. Do the guys you travel with know that you write a blog? Tell them. It’s nice to read for the people back home.

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