My first experience as a trekking guide


My first experience as the trekking guide

Well, I was working as a porter in the trekking for quite a long time. And I thought I have sufficient experience of trekking trails and was ready to be a trekking guide. I took my trekking guide license course in 2009 and started to work as a trekking guide then after. My first ever experience as the guide was more excited and a bit nervous as well. For the first time, I was an assistant guide for Annapurna Hardway Trek. This trek started from Kalikstan Pokhara and ended in Jomsom Mustang.

I was on that trekking trail before as a porter couple of times. And at this time I was there as an assistant guide trekking guide. I was a bit nervous and more excited to work as a guide. At that time we drove from Kathmandu to Kalikasitan by bus. Unfortunately along the way, the bus’s tire got flattered and we have to stop for around two hours to fix the tire. Anyway, the mechanic came and fixed the tire, and then we drove to our destination.

My profession is my passion I love it and I do it by my heart.

That was the camping trek and we had a very big team including members, guides, kitchen staff, and porters. As an assistant guide, I have to help to place the tents of members; and look after overall things during the trek. With me, we have 3 guides one first guide, one more assistant guide, and me as another assistant guide.

This was my first time as a guide so that I felt a different experience than when I used to be a porter. I felt more responsible for the member and the success of the trip. Most of the time I have to take care of the daily needed things carried by the porter and manage the equal load for every porter. Every day in the morning time we have to check loads of each porter before we leave the camping spot.

Trekking was going well on day four we have to do helicopter rescue. Because the group member fell down and twisted her ankle and she flew back to Kathmandu with her husband. Again on day 7, we did another helicopter rescue for one more person. He was a fatty guy and body trainer but with an elevation of 3200m he gave up going more heights in the mountain. Similarly, on the day before passing Namrung La there we did one more rescue for an old lady.

After that, the trek went perfectly and we complete the trek without any problems. That was my first trek as a guide. And that was the chance to learn how to become the best guide and how guides have to work in the Camping trekking. I learn so many things from that first-ever trek and after that, I am working as a trekking guide in the Himalayas of Nepal.

Overall my first ever opportunity as a guide I fulfilled my duty by heart and I took my responsibilities from my mind so that, that trek was an opportunity to learn, grow and develop myself as a professional trekking guide.

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