Maghe Sankranti – The festival of all the Nepali in different faith


Maghe Sankranti is one of the major festivals celebrated all over Nepal. On the first day of the Nepali month Magh, as the Bikram Sambad calendar. This festival is celebrated by everyone in all over Nepal. It has different aspects of the celebration, for some communities, it is a new year, and for some, it’s the most valuable day. But commonly it celebrates as the goodbye to winter and welcomes to spring.

For the Tharu community, Mange Sankranti is the new year. They celebrate this festival as one of the biggest festivals. With the joy and happiness between each other. Especially in the Tarai regions where the majority of people are Tharu, they celebrate this festival. Maghe Sankranti is also called Maghi; Maghi means the new year of the Tharu Community.

This festival is celebrated as the Makar Sankranti by the Magar community. On this day people will eat delicious food such as Till ko Laddu, Chakku, Ghee, Honey, Sweet potato,  and Yam, etc. Food will differ in different communities. But those up listed are the common food everyone will eat during Makar Sankranti.

When I was a child and used to live in my village. At that time all the kids from the village go to all the houses and bow their heads to the elderly people. And gets the blessing from elderly people. After finishing all the houses kids are used to ago all the houses eat Yam, Laddu, Sugar Cane, Roti, etc. But nowadays this tradition is going to exits; because people are not doing such a things.

During this festival, pork meat is the most demanded one, especially in Mongolian society. And Duck, Buffalo, Goats are also similarly demanding during this festival. Yam is another most important food on Markar Sankranti. In villages, people will look around the Yam and even they go to the forests to find Yam. And in Kathmandu most of the streets and shops sell Yam.

Most of the people will go to the Tribeni Ghats. Tribeni Ghat means where three rivers meet. People will go there to take both on the occasion of Maghe Sankranti. In Kathmandu, people will go to Shankhamul. Dolalghat in Sunkoshi River. Dev Ghat near Narayani river. Kankai River in Jhapa and Panauti. Panauti is the place where every 12 years they celebrate this festival as 12 Barse, Which is also famous as the Makar Mella.

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