Unexpected Balthali Village Tour to refresh

Balthali Village Tour

Today I made a solo Balthali Village Tour, exploring Balthali village was unexpected because it was a sudden plan. It was boring to stay in Kathmandu and thinking to go somewhere clicked the Name Balthali in my mind. They took a bus to Banepa from Ratna park and the Bus to Panauti from Banepa and at the end bus to Balthali from Panauti. Taking the local bus was as usual fun and something to learn.

My first stopped was at Banepa because I took the wrong bus and I have to get off in Banepa. From there I took a bus to Panauti and eat lunch at Panauti. Panauti is one of the ancient towns and one of the cultural tourist hubs. Recently there was a fair celebrated as the Maker Mela. Makar Mela is fair that only comes in every 12 years. After fishing the Dal Bhat I took a bus to Balthali and that took one hour to reach Balthali.

Green Framland

I was really surprised to see that beautiful typical Balthali village and realized why people do Balthali Village Tours. The houses on the edge of the hill and their typicalness. Dramatic terraced farmland and harvesting potatoes, barley, vegetables, and apples. And again really surprised to see the number of hotels and resorts in  Balthali. As local people told me that from there we can have the best Mountain View such as Gaurisankar, Langtang, Dorje Lakpa, and many more.

I spent around two and half hours in Balthali and walked as much as I can and talked with local people as much as I can. Because I love to see new places and get to know more about those places. In Balthali live different castes so there is a distinct culture too. People are so friendly and even I got an opportunity to test an orange while talking with the locals. Who was working on their land? Doing all things here I felt today’s Balthali Village Tour is worth spending my time and money. 

My Route to the Balthali Village Tour

Balthali Village Tour

Kathmandu to Banepa

Banepa to Panauti

Panauti to Khopasi and Balthali.

This tour is possible to combine with Namobuddha. Because some trekking and touring companies in Kathmandu offer Dhulikhel, Namobuddha, Panauti, and Balthali hiking and touring activities. I think making this trek or hike is a very good choice; because during this tour, you can enjoy the natural beauty, cultural beauty, and traditional phenomena.

Namobuddha itself is a religious place and there is much more to do. Buddhist devotees will travel there to clear their souls from sins and for a better future. Even some tourists go there for mediation and fruitfulness. This hoky land has a direct connection with the life of Buddha which is why this is one of the essential Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal.

Panauti is a typical Newari town located just below the Namobuddha and before the Balthali. This ancient city is very popular for its temple and festivals. That temples are related to the history of the Kathmandu Valley too. And this the place is famous as the place which can not damage by an earthquake.

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