A whole day in Lomanthang During Upper Mustang Trek

A whole day at Lomanthang

Lomanthang is known as the walled city of Upper Mustang and one of the most popular tourist destinations. During the Upper Mustang Trek, most of the trekkers spend two nights here to explore this ancient village. This time I am doing the mustang trek during the summer season and as usual, I planned to stay two nights here. So I am going to spend a whole day in Lomanthang doing different activities. 

As usual, I wake up at 5:30 am in the morning and being fresh to explore the Lomanthang Village. At 6 am I started to walk around the village, at that time local people are also walking around the village. Because they do Cora (walk around the village clockwise) every day in morning and evening time. I walked around the village and walk into the village as well. In the morning time inside the village is very calm and peaceful because no one is walking and opening their shops. 

But I show people are working, some of them cleaning their cow hut and feeding them to take away from but. Cows are normally send to the open place to gaze and spend a full day in with other cows from other people. And I can show that people are opening their shops and cleaning their territory. After around half an hour I got back into the hotel where I was staying. 

Had a cup of coffee and chat with other guides and waited for the guest. In some time tourists are also there for breakfast, we had breakfast and talk about today’s plan to spend a whole day in Lomanthang. Day going to be fun because no need to carry a big bag and walk for 15 to 20  KM. But definitely need to walk to Chooser Village and explore the things there. So according to our plan, we started our journey to Chhoser Village at 8:30 am. 

While we walked to Chhoser village we crossed many other small villages – those are very traditional and authentic. After around 2 hours we reached Chhoser village but the ticket person was not there. And I asked the local where that person had a key and ticket to explore the cave and monasteries. I got an answer back he is in the Cave because one other tourist going there. Then we hiked up to the Cave and he was there, we bought two tickets and explore the cave. 

It was very nice to observe that ancient cave but sometimes we have to crawl. Because of the tunnels to walk from each room to the other room. The antique things inside the cave are the witness to show that, that cave is very old and man-made. And there are some holes from which we can have outstanding village views. It took us around half an hour to visit the entire cave and then we walked down to Monastery. 

That Monastery on the cliff is very famous in Chhoser, we also visited that and then we went for lunch. There are still two more things to see but we choose to back Lomanthang because we have to explore it. It took around one and half hours to get back to Lomanthnag, after getting to the hotel we took a shower and take a rest. As we plan to spend a whole day in Lomanthang at 4 p.m we walked inside the Lomanthang village. 

We explored the villages and three giant monasteries and back to the hotel. I left the tourist at the hotel and back to the village because I was filming a travel vlog. I filmed all the streets and people who are sitting on the street. While filming I found that local people gathered in one place and work there, talking with each other. It was nice to see how people are social and working together. 

Overall a whole day in Lomanthang was well spent. Show many things and enjoyed the fullest of our kind of rest day of the 10 days Upper Mustang Trek. If you are coming here don’t miss to visit all the three monasteries, villages, and museums. And there is a view tower to see the whole village so go there as well. Exploring everything in one day in Lomanthang is not possible because there are many things to see. 

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