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Single Tree
The Single Tree Swing in Halchowk Kathmandu

Kathmandu Valley is surrounding by some of the giant hills and Single Tree Hill is one of the hill on the base of the Jamacho Hill. This is just few kilometers away from the Swyambhu nath stupa and Swyambhu hill. The magnificent view of the Kathmandu Valley is the primary attraction of this place. That is why there are many tourist attractions such as hotels, restaurants, and fun activities. This place is at the base of the Jamacho hill, from here you can do the Jamacho Gumba Hike as well.

I love to visit places with my family so that I travelled Single Tree Hill with my daughter and spouse. And each week I try to make a family outing for refreshing because the Kathmandu is bustling and hustling city. Also, my daughter go to school six days and she needs refresh from school and her study. I think taking kids for outdoor activities will help them to accumulate them physically and mentally.

I am living in Dallu it’s very close to Swyambhu and of course single tree too. So that we decided to walk from our place to there. As our plan we first walk to Swyambhu and burn some butter lamp at Buddha Park. After spending some in Buddha Park we hike up to our ultimate destinations. The walking trail was on the motor road and it was so muddy in some parts because of the rain.

Single tree hill was unknown for many years, to be honest, there was a single tree and just a few people visit there. Nowadays this place is because come one of the most visited places by locals. Because of the extra attraction and fun activity – The swing here is a trend to make a Tiktok video thereby. My purpose to visit there is also to get an experience of the Swing.

The TikTok famous Single Tree Swing

Every day people in Kathmandu, are seeking different types of pleasure activities. And a private company introduce the swing here. This swing is getting popular among the local people because of the colorful decoration and outstanding Kathmandu Valley view. So to have a swing there is a fantastic holiday experience for each family.

Because of the popularity of this place and getting viral on social media sites. Each weekend numerous people go for a swing with a whole family. So that need to wait for a long time in the queue to get an opportunity to swing. I found this place is good for couples and families because while swinging you will be together with your loved one.

The cost for the Single Tree Swing

There is a different type of charge for different numbers of people on a swing. If you are there with your family that is relatively best cost-wise for a swing.

The price list of the Single Tree Swing

Single person / Individuals – NRs – 300

Two-person / for a couple – NRs – 500

Three-person NRs – 750

Four-person NRs 1000

If you have free time and want to do something different then I highly recommend you to go to Single Tree. And you won’t be disappointed. As I enjoyed it there a lot with my family.

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