Janai Purnima

Janai Purnima

Janai and Purnima these two words are very special in the Hindu religion and tradition. The Janai means the holy thread and Purnima means the full moon day. Janai Purnima will celebrate each year on the full moon day of the Nepali month Sharwan. This festival will celebrate the bond of purity and security and is mostly celebrated by the Brahmin and Chhetri.

Janai Purnima is also called Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi Purnima. On this day the men of the Brahmin and Chhatri communities change Janai after performing the annual ritual. Such a ritual mostly celebrates nearby rivers, pounds, and holy places convenient to their home. And take a sacred bath dipping three times into the water and then change Janai for a whole year. Janai is a sacred thread used around their wrist or right shoulder to the left wrist.

Although, in the cities, in most houses, the family priest comes to their home to perform the ritual. During the celebration, all the family gathers together as the priest will read the essential stories about the Janai Purnima. The priest will purity the new thread by their mantras during the ceremony before handed to the men members of the family.

And nowadays it’s a kind of a brother and sister festival as well. As like the Tihar festival, during the Raksha Bandhan sister put a string in her brother’s hand. With the blessing of long life and that string will be the protection tool for her brother. And bother also give their sisters gifts, money, clothes, and some valuable things. Nowadays this festival will celebrate all over the world where Hindu people are living.

Raksha Bandan Mantra

Yena baddho Balee Raaja Daanavendro Mahaabalah

Tena Tewamavi Bandhnaami Rakshe Chala Maa Chala”

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