Blogging career

By profession, I am a trekking guide. So that I always get opportunities to travel to different places. Especially in the Himalayan regions and the most popular tourist destinations of Nepal. I always love to share my travel experiences with my friends and guests during trekking in the mountains. But due to the coronavirus and lockdown, I am not able to connect with trekkers and I am unable to share my experiences with them so I chose this platform to connect with adventure lovers.

My second reason to start writing a blog is to improve my English. Because my English is not that good and I am looking for the chance to improve my English. Yes of course I am a trekking guide so when I go to the mountains with trekkers I used to get the opportunity to learn English with them. Again I missed that opportunity to go to Mountain with English-speaking friends and was unable to learn English. I hope I can learn and improve my English by writing the blog and my dear readers will help me to improve my English by a comment my mistakes.

I found so many friends who have the best blogging careers and when I did the trek with some bloggers they suggested I write blogs. In the bigging, I thought this is not the best platform for me because my English level is very poor. After such a long time I started my blogging site and hope I can do my best in the coming days.

Therefore I started blogging to share my travel experiences and want to improve my English. And I hope everyone will help me to grow up and improve my English in the future. Thank you everyone for your love and support.  I will try to give you a post in a week and if possible I will give you more posts. Please find out my mistakes and write them in the comment box; from where I can improve in my next blog post.

Thank you and love you all.