Short Hike to Marvel Danda to refresh from overload work


Today I hike to Marvel Danda with my family. It was a last-minute plan to hike to Marvel Danda because it was completely accidental. After waking up, I was reading a book and my wife got a call from her sister and she said there was snow from last night. I thought this is the change to show her snow and for my baby girl too. Because all of them want to play in the snow and they always talked about playing in the snow.

After breakfast, we prepared to go there, wear warm clothes and shoes then drive to Godawari. Godawari is the base camp for Marvel Danda and Fulchoki Hill. While we driving to Godawari there was very cold and even in that warm clothes, I was feeling cold. When we reached the Godawari bus stop I felt very cold so we drank a cup of yummy milk tea. And then we walked up to the Marvel Danda.

I have been to Godawari and Phulchoki Hill several times but I have never been to Marvel Danda. Today was my first time and that is also with my family so this hike was something very special for me. But unfortunately, I have no idea about the trail to go there so I talked with a part in Ticket counter about the trail. She explained properly and also we found a trail marking signal. The trail was easy just need to walk on the road.

Today’s our actual plan was to go to Phulchoki but we knew there is not possible to drive up so we hike to Marvel Danda. Walking inside the jungle was really enjoyable because I was walking with my 3 years old daughter. She was asking different kinds of questions and sometimes asked her to carry. But I always try to encourage her to walk and she listened and walked all up to Marvel Danda and back to Godawari.

This place is named Marvel Danda because here are the best stones available for Marvel and one company started to take the stone from there for his company. Although this company is not in an operation now. But still, we can see the equipment is on top of the Marvel Danda and machines in Godawari. I think such a company must operate in Nepal because such a company creates jobs for many people.

From the top of Marvel Danda, we enjoyed the amazing view of Godawari and Kathmandu Valley. The beautiful landscapes and jungle and the top of the Phulchoki hill are also pleased to observe from there. We were unlucky to see the snowy mountain peaks and play in the snow. It was my first hike of 2022 and I enjoyed it a lot. And looking forward to doing more hikes like this around the Kathmandu Valley.

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